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The Best Mulching Blades for Leaves – A Detailed Buying Guide

by Jackson White

Mulching leaves back into the grass proves quite convenient since they end up becoming manure for the grass, especially because they are very nutritious. But what kinds of blades should you go for, or can they all do the trick?

When the season comes about, picking up leaves every other day becomes something of a tall order, and even disposing of them becomes an incredibly difficult task. The good news is, you can actually mulch these leaves back into the lawn where they will decompose and become rich manure for the already growing grass. Sounds easy, right? The truth is, not all kinds of mower blades are in a position to handle the job, and so you might want to get your hands on the right kind. We have made a compilation of some of the most effective and best performing mulching blades, especially where leaves are concerned, and they are documented below.

The Best Mulching Blades for Leaves Comparison Table

Mulching Blade
Size (Length)
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Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Mower Blades
16 ¾ inches
8TEN - LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade
23 ¼ inches
Maxpower 331981B Mulching Blade
21 inches
Toro 22" Recycler Lawn Mower Blade
22 inches
Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 Mower Mulching Blades
21 3/16 inches
Steel + Tungsten Carbide

The Best Mulching Blades for Leaves Products Review

Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Mower BladesComes as a set of 3 mulching mower blades

If you are a person that operates a large lawn mower with a 54” mowing deck, this set of three blades will be an ideal fit for you, especially if you like to mulch your leaves.

Key features

  • Comes as a set of three
  • Made using strong and solid steel
  • Made for mulching
  • Each has a length of 16 ¾ inches
  • Ideal for a 48-inch cutting deck

If you are looking to get your hands on a good mulching blade, you need to be certain that it is a strong and durable one. With the Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Mower Blades, you are guaranteed strength and durability, especially since they are made using incredible technology as well as durable and hardy material.

Even though they are somewhat short blades, they come as a set of three, meaning that they are perfect for a large riding lawn mower that has an equally large mowing deck of about 48 inches. This makes these blades ideal for mowing expansive spaces that reach up to 5 acres.

Aside from being able to mulch leaves, they are strong enough to handle really tough grass, and to work pretty well on land that has an incline and that is also uneven. They also handle wetness pretty well, meaning that they are unlikely to leave patches of grass uncut, especially in the wet season.

These blades are endowed with serrated teeth that ideally make fine clippings of the cut grass which is then mulched back into the lawn. The blades are also able to do this with leaves, especially since they are quite tough and hardy and can also cut through twigs. You will have an easy time mowing using these blades, more so because they have the capacity to handle a couple obstacles as well as small twigs and roots.


  • Strong and hardy
  • Ideal for large pieces of land
  • Can handle a good number of obstacles
  • They come as a set of three


  • They may leave a few clumps of grass that may eventually need raking


Even though they might leave small clumps of grass here and there, these blades are equipped and strong enough to handle leaves. They are made to be durable and strong, and are perfect for home owners that have large expanses of lawn.

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8TEN – LawnRAZOR Mulching BladeMade for high speed cutting and mulching

Just as the name suggests, this blade is made to be able to cut through vegetative matter, leaving it in tiny clips that are easy to mulch back into the grass to be used as manure.

Key features

  • Has a length of 23 ¼ inches
  • Made using strong and solid steel
  • Has serrated teeth for superior quality mulch
  • Acts as replacement for many brands
  • Has a 6 point star center hole

One of the characteristics about these blades is the fact that they come really sharp, and you will have no need to actually sharpen them. This feature makes them also really efficient, and they are able to cut through grass and leaves with precision and speed that it almost unmatched.

When you cut your grass using these blades, you will actually notice that the clippings left behind are a lot smaller than most other clippings left by other mulching blades from other manufacturers. This ability to make grass and leaf clippings really small works as an advantage since it makes the mulching process so much easier, and it also means that the grass and leaves will decay faster, depositing the nutrients into the soil sooner.

However, this works as a disadvantage to a certain extent. Even though these blades have no trouble cutting through wet grass, you may end up with something of a mess. This is largely because the small clippings form a pulp-like mixture when mixed with rain water. For this reason, it works best in drier conditions.

On the plus side, it is able to cut through tall and tough grass, especially since it is made as a heavy duty blade. It will also have no trouble dealing with such obstacles as twigs and small roots.


  • Strong and long lasting
  • Makes small grass and leaf clippings that are easy to mulch
  • Can handle tall grass and other obstacles
  • It is a heavy duty blade


  • Not ideal for cutting wet grass


If you are looking to obtain really fine clippings of your grass, this is the blade for you. Aside from handling leaves and grass with precision, it also takes care of twigs and roots without much trouble. You might, however, want to consider getting replacement blades for the wet season.

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Maxpower 331981B Mulching BladeComes with a 21 inch blade

With this mulching blade, you can be certain that nothing will stand in its way. It clears through grass, twigs and roots with no trouble at all.

Key features

  • Has a length of 21 inches
  • Made using solid steel
  • Wide cutting surface
  • Has serrated teeth
  • Heavy duty

Maxpower blades have been in the market for a good deal of time now, and they have become something of a favorite among lawn owners due to the precision with which they work, and their ability to handle a good amount of stress, not to mention their longevity.

With a length of 21 inches, this blade becomes ideal for smaller lawn mowers, especially push lawn mowers for lawns that are not too large. However, when paired with another of its kind, it fits quite well into a riding lawn mower that has a mowing deck of 42 inches. With such a mowing deck diameter, you can use this blade for expansive lawns that cover an area of 2 to 3 acres.

Being that it is a heavy duty blade, it is able to handle really tough grass and even that which is tall and overgrown. This characteristic makes the blade ideal for handling leaves, even those that are quite tough. The fact that it has serrated teeth makes it a well equipped blade to handle this kind of task.

Additionally, it is able to rid your lawn of twigs, roots and other obstacles, but as a rule of thumb, you should not use it (or any other brand) on a lawn that has stones strewn all over. The blade uses the innovative centrifugal air lift design that allows for uniform chopping, a characteristic that comes in handy where the land is uneven.

The blade comes with a one-inch center hole that fits a good number of mowers. However, it also comes with washers that allow it to fit into other mowers. The washers come in reducing sizes that range from 3/8 inches to 13/16 inches.


  • It is a high performance blade
  • Has serrations that make it great for mulching
  • Comes with washers that allow it to fit into many lawn mower blades
  • Can handle tall and tough grass with ease
  • Great for a large mowing deck of 42 inches


  • Not ideal for lawns that have stones


Even though the golden hue on these blades make them look fancy and delicate, they are actually beasts that are eager to mow your grass and mulch your leaves for you. They are made to be heavy duty blades that can handle a good deal of stress, as well as last you a conveniently long time. You can also use them on different mowers.

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Toro 22″ Recycler Lawn Mower BladeComes with a cutting length of 22 inches

As a heavy duty blade, this tool will have no trouble mowing long grass and mulching up fallen leaves so as to give you a tidy lawn and healthy grass at the same time.

Key features

  • Has a length of 22 inches
  • Made using high quality metal
  • Has mulching teeth
  • Can act as a replacement blade

Primarily made as a replacement blade, the Toro 22″ Recycler Lawn Mower Blade bears the capacity to fit a good number of mower blades, making it incredibly convenient. When it comes to its own build, it is made using hardened steel, and the manufacturers made sure to use austemper treatment that makes the blade quite hardy and able to handle a good deal of stress and pressure.

Seeing as it has a cutting length of 22 inches, this blade becomes quite handy for lawn mowers that are of medium size, especially the pushing kind. This places them in a position to handle spaces that are not too large, but the blade is equipped enough to handle long and tough grass with precision.

Since it has serrated edges, it is also able to cut through leaves, leaving them in a size that is convenient enough to mulch into the lawn. In addition, it can also handle small twigs and roots, clearing them off your lawn to leave it looking pristine and tidy.

A convenient aspect of this blade is that it comes with a rounded hole that allows it the ability to fit with ease into multiple lawn mower brands. This means that it will be a convenient and economic purchase, especially if you have several mowers that have the same mount type. Additionally, it comes with its edges sharpened so that you don’t have to, but it would be wise to be careful so that you do not get hurt by them.


  • Has an ideal length
  • Comes with already sharpened edges
  • Has a rounded center hole that fits into multiple lawn mower brans
  • Great for tall grass and tough leaves


  • It is a heavy blade and you may notice a lower RPM rate


If you are a mowing enthusiast, or if you run a mowing business and have multiple lawn mowers, you might want to get mowing blades that are actually compatible with many lawn mower brands. This blade happens to be one of them, and it also does a really good job when it comes to mulching leaves and grass.

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Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 Mower Mulching BladesComes with a length of 21 3/16 inches

Oregon blades are some of the best around, especially when it comes to the mulching kind. They are not just efficient; they are also incredibly handy and strong.

Key features

  • Comes as a set of two
  • Has a length of 21 3/16 inches
  • Edges are fused with tungsten carbide
  • Has serrated edges

Having been one of the key industry players for a good length of time, Oregon, as a company, has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of world class quality blades and other gardening equipment. If you are looking for hardy tools that are tough and durable, you will be spoilt for choice with the Oregon range of products.

The Gator range of blades is easily one of Oregon’s best, and they do an incredibly efficient job at clipping grass and mulching it back into the lawn. More importantly, the fact that they are heavy duty blades places them in a position to handle such tough matter as leaves, twigs, roots and other obstacles.

The other characteristic that causes them to be so efficient is that their blades are curved upwards, and they are also jagged. This allows them to cut through leaves and grass with a good deal of ease, making small clippings of both so that mulching becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3. The best thing about having small clippings, apart from the fact that they are so much easier to mulch, is the fact that they decompose a good deal faster, allowing them to deposit nutrients into the soil sooner.

The main downside to this blade is that it is incredibly heavy. While this may work as an advantage to a certain extent, machines that happen to be underpowered have a difficult time picking speed and achieving the kind of momentum to run such blades, and this characteristic makes the blade only a good fit to machines that have a high power rating.

To make them incredibly strong and durable, the edges of this blade are actually strengthened with tungsten carbide. This gives them the capacity to deal with many an obstacle that most other mower blades would not dare touch.


  • Strengthened with tungsten carbide
  • Has edges that are curved upwards and serrated
  • It is an extremely strong and durable blade
  • Can handle wet, dry, tall and short grass with equal efficiency


  • It may be a little too heavy for machines with low power ratings


In case you are looking to revolutionize the way you do your mowing, you might want to consider getting yourself the Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 Mower Mulching Blades 2which are made to be incredibly powerful and hardy, and to last you a good deal of time. You will, however, need to get yourself a high power machine if you already do not have one.

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Buying Mulching Blades for Leaves – What to consider

Here are a couple things to keep an eye out for when buying mulching blades for leaves.

Blade length

The length of blade you choose is largely determined by the diameter of the mowing deck o your lawn mower. Be certain to pick a blade that actually matches your machine.

Size of lawn

If you have a massive lawn, you definitely want to find a blade that will have no trouble cutting through and mulching leaves for hours on end. For larger lawns, go for heavy duty blades.

Build Material

Go for blades that feature hardened steel, and that can be able to handle a good deal of pressure without breaking too easy.


As earlier mentioned, mulching is easily one of the best practices in lawn care, and the great thing about it is that it is not limited to grass. You can also mulch leaves and allow them to provide extra nutrition for your grass, but you will definitely need to find the right blade for this. Make certain that your chosen blade will not just get the job done, but that it will also last you a good deal of time, so that you get value for your money.

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