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The Best Mulching Blades for Cub Cadet – A Detailed Buying Guide

by Jackson White

Mulching blades are known to work quite well for lawns, especially where you like small grass clippings that end up getting mulched into the lawn. So, what blades are best for Cub Cadet and why?

Having been an industry player for a long time, Cub Cadet has long been known for making outdoor equipment that is powered, and a god deal of the equipment involves machines that help with cleaning and maintenance of outdoors spaces. Some of the machines they are best known for include different types lawn mowers. As a key component of the mowers, mulching blades become an important part of the ensemble, and it is important to fid blades that actually match, especially when it comes to mulching. So, what mulching blades should you get your Cub Cadet? Below is a list and review.

The Best Mulching Blades for Cub Cadet Comparison Table

Name of Blade
Size (Length)
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Gator 3-In-1 Mulching Lawn Mower Blades
17 7/8 inches
8TEN 942-04053C LawnRAZOR Toothed Mulching Blade
17 13/16 inches
Cub Cadet Xtreme Mulching Blade – 42”
21 inches
Maxpower 561532B Lawn Mower Mulching Blades
21 inches
Oregon 598-629 Gator G5
21 3/16 inches

The Best Mulching Blades for Cub Cadet Products Review

Gator 3-in-1 Mulching Lawn Mower BladesMade of strengthened steel

If you are looking for blades that will do an excellent job at cutting your grass and mulching it up, you are going to be home and dry with the Gator 3-In-1 Mulching Lawn Mower Blades which are built for performance.

Key features

  • Works as a 3-in-1 blade
  • Made using hardened steel
  • Austemper treated for extra strength
  • Each has a length of 17 3/8 inches

Oregon has been one of the largest industry players for a long time, and they are counted among the most reliable companies where mulching blades and other equipment are concerned. Strength, performance and durability are largely what they are known for, and the Gator 3-In-1 Mulching Lawn Mower Blades do not fall short of expectation.

For starters, they work as 3-in-1 blades that can deliver three functions. The first is grass cutting and clipping, and the other is bagging. Perhaps what they are mostly known for is the mulching function that allows them to put back the grass clippings into the lawn to decompose and act as manure.

For this reason, they are made with teeth that are jagged and that are curved upwards, a characteristic that allows for the clippings to be cut to a fine consistency. In addition, they are jagged, allowing for a larger cutting surface area so that you can cut larger surfaces faster.

Strength is also one of this blades’ features, and they are austemper treated for this reason. This makes the steel on them so much stronger and tougher, allowing them to cut through tough grass, twigs and stems with a good deal of ease.

Seeing as they are quite heavy, your Cub Cadet would need to be a high powered one. Low power mowers find it difficult to spin the blades, resulting in slow speed and low momentum. You may also cause an unnecessary strain on the mower if they are too heavy.


  • Come with 3-in-1 function
  • They are strong and durable
  • They come as a set of three
  • The edges are serrated and also curved upwards


  • These blades are heavy, making them ideal for lower power mowers


Mulching is an exercise that is heavily dependent on the strength and integrity of a blade, and the Gator 3-In-1 Mulching Lawn Mower Blades are well equipped to handle the job. Seeing as they come as a set of three, they can be used on a riding mower that has a wide mowing deck.

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8TEN 942-04053C LawnRAZOR Toothed Mulching BladeThey have a length of 17 13/16 inches

These blades are known for how fast they work, and for how well they are able to mow the grass, making really small clippings that are easy to mulch into the lawn.

Key features

  • Made using steel
  • Have serrated edges that are curved upwards
  • Have a length of 17 13/16 inches
  • They have a 6 point star center hole
  • Ideal for 50-inch deck

What I like most about these blades is that they are heavy duty, and can, therefore, be able to handle as much pressure as you need them to. They are made using steel that is strengthened, putting them in a position to deal with leaves, long and tough grass, roots and even twigs with ease and precision.

Seeing as the edges bear an upward curve and are serrated, this blade is able to cut a good deal of grass. The combination of this characteristics makes for a wider and better cutting surface, allowing for a quick and thorough job. This is what makes the blades well suited to handle large tracts of lawn that span 3 to 5 acres in area.

The blades come with a 6 point center hole, making them an ideal replacement blade for many lawn mowers apart from Cub Cadet. The fact that it is a thick and heavy blade also places it in a position to deal with a good number of obstacles and thick vegetation, including vines, roots and even stems. What I like most about these blades is the fact that they come already sharpened, meaning that you will have no need to sharpen them yourself.

On the down size, this blade is not suitable to use in wet conditions, and this is largely because it makes extremely fine clippings of the grass. When mixed with rain water, these clippings make a pulpy mess that can be hard to mulch and get rid of. For this reason, you might want to find replacement blades that can be able to work in the rainy season, and save these for those drier conditions and for thicker vegetation.


  • Made to be strong and hardy
  • Comes already sharpened
  • Ideal for extremely thick vegetation
  • Has a large cutting surface


  • Not ideal for using in wet conditions


If you have a large lawn that requires a good deal of work, you might want to get blades that will be able to work efficiently and fast. The 8TEN 942-04053C LawnRAZOR Toothed Mulching Blade will make an ideal acquisition since it will be able to do this and more. However, you may not be too happy to use it in the wet season.

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Cub Cadet Xtreme Mulching Blade – 42”Comes with a 42” cutting diameter

This pair of Cub Cadet blades is made to fit Cub Cadet mowers to a T, and the blades are also able to work extremely fast and efficiently.

Key features

  • Made using steel
  • Comes with a 42 inch diameter cut
  • Made specifically for Cub Cadet mowers
  • Ideal for large lawns
  • Comes as a set of two

If at all you are looking for a replacement blade for Cub Cadet mowers, why not look into the Cub Cadet Catalogue? This set of blades is specifically made for larger Cub Cadet lawn mowers, especially the tractor mowers. Each blade comes with a 21 inch length, and seeing as they are made to be used as a pair, they make a 42 inch cut, meaning that they work really fast over large expanses of lawn. This makes hem ideal for mowing tractors that can mow spaces that span 3 to 5 acres.

Made for strength and durability, the blades are created using hardened steel. This allows them the ability to mow through extremely thick vegetation without suffering damage, and without breaking. You will notice that the edged are serrated, and that they are curved inwards. This allows for a larger cutting surface area, allowing for quick mowing, and for the blades to create fine clippings of the grass so that it becomes much easier to mulch back into the lawn.

At the center of each blade is a 6-star mounting hole that allows it to be mounted on different types of lawn mowers. It makes for an easy attachment method, and the good thing about it is that it is quite easy to fix, so that you do not necessarily have to seek professional help installing or removing them.

Even though they are made for Cub Cadet, they can also fit into other lawn mower brands that include Troy Bilt and Colombia. In addition, they can be used in smaller powered mowers such as the pushing kind, especially those that are made to accommodate a 21 inch mowing blade.


  • Specifically made for Cub Cadet
  • Made to be strong and hardy
  • Have a wide cutting surface
  • Ideal for various mower brands as well
  • Great for thick vegetation and long grass


  • You might need to sharpen them after purchase


Even though there are many brands that could easily fit into Cub Cadet mowers, you are likely to make a safer purchase by buying blades that are made for Cub Cadet by Cub Cadet. These blades are made to be hardy, and they are able to last a good deal of time. In addition, they are able to handle large tracts of lawn with ease.

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Maxpower 561532B Lawn Mower Mulching BladesComes with a 21 inch length

This pair of commercial mower blades are made using really good material, allowing them to deliver superior quality cuts on a number of lawn mower brands.

Key features

  • Made using steel
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Make a 42 inch cut
  • Has a 6 point star center hole
  • Ideal replacement blade for multiple mower brands

The makers of these blades are known to make commercial grade blades that can handle a good deal of pressure and work, and the Maxpower 561532B Lawn Mower Mulching Blades are no exception. They are made to handle loads of work, especially where lawns are overgrown and where they cover large areas.

These blades are made using steel which is treated to harden it further, and this allows the blades the capacity to deal with a good deal of vegetative material. For this reason, they are used to clear lawns of grass that have tall and tough grass, as well as obstacles such as twigs and roots, leaving the land clear and tidy.

Since they are mulching blades, they are made using serrated edges, and these edges are also serrated, so that they are able to handle grass with ease. They also make small clippings of the grass, making it a lot easier to mulch, and more available as manure since it tends to decompose a lot faster.

With its 6-point star hole, this blade becomes compatible with multiple mower brands, and the great aspect about them is that they are quite easy to install and uninstall. Since each blade comes with a length of 21 inches, the blades can be used in a motorized push mower for smaller lawns, or they can be combined to fit into a large riding mower that has a cutting deck of 42 inches. This makes it ideal for use in areas that span 2 to 4 acres.


  • They are commercial grade
  • They have serrated edges that face upwards
  • They come as a pair
  • Can be used in a small mower deck, or a large riding mower


  • Not ideal for lawns with too many twigs and roots


If you are looking to put your hands on a commercial grade blade that will not just cut but that will also mulch your grass with equal prowess, you are going to enjoy working with the Maxpower 561532B Lawn Mower Mulching Blades which are built for performance, strength and durability. If your lawn, however, has thick twigs and roots strewn all over, you might want to clear it before using the blades.

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Oregon 598-629 Gator G5Comes with a blade length of 21 3/16 inches

Known for its ability to deal with extremely hard and overgrown grass, as well as other obstacles such as twigs, small braces and roots, the Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 makes one of the best replacement blades for Cub Cadet machines.

Key features

  • Made using heat treated steel
  • Reinforced with tungsten carbide
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Has a length of 21 3/16 inches
  • Has a 6-point star center hole

Oregon is a company that has been around a pretty good deal of time, and it has managed to create a name for itself where strength, durability and power are concerned. One of the most popular range of blades is the Gator series, and the Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 does not fall short of expectation.

For starters, this blade is made using extremely strong steel that has been hardened to add to its strength. In addition, it is made pretty heavy, giving it quite an amount of mass, resulting in impressive momentum that allows the blade to get rid of anything in its way.

As with many a mulching blade, this one has edges that are jagged, and that are upward facing. What this does is give the mower more surface area for cutting, allowing it to handle a lot of grass at the same time. In addition, the blades are able to make fine clippings of the grass, making the mulching process much easier. In addition, the edges of this blade are strengthened using tungsten carbide, allowing them to e extremely durable and strong.

Since the blades come with a length of about 21 inches each, they can be used singularly on a lawn mower that has a small mowing deck. However, owing to how heavy they are, they are best suited for a highly powered tractor mower with a 42 inch mowing deck that is ideal for 2 to 3 acres of land.


  • Made using hardened steel
  • Reinforced using tungsten carbide
  • Can handle a good deal of work
  • Ideal for larger riding lawn mowers


  • These blades are a little expensive


When purchasing one of the most important parts for your lawn mower, you want to be sure that the blades will do an ideal job. These blades that are made of steel and reinforced with tungsten carbide make an ideal acquisition since they will last you a long time and then some.

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Buying a Mulching Blade for Cub Cadet – What to look out for

The Fit

Whenever you are looking for a replacement blade, make sure that the center hole is compatible with the lawn mower you own. Also, be certain that the length of the blade is ideal for your lawn mower’s deck.

Build Material

Mulching is a labor intensive activity, and it calls for tools that are strong and durable. Be certain to get blades that are made using strong material that will allow them to work without sustaining damage easily.

Type of serration

A serrated blade that has upward turned edges makes for a better tool since it creates a larger cutting surface area. Flatter blades are unable to do as good a job.

Final Thoughts

Cub Cadet mowers are some of the best and most reliable, and getting spare parts is also quite easy. Purchasing one would mean that you have the right equipment to keep your lawn looking good at all times without having to worry about the intensity of labor that goes into it. Before settling on a particular blade, be sure to check the fit and strength of the tool so that you enjoy good service over a long period of time.

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