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Stihl FS90r Review – Should You Buy It? Updated 2021

by Jackson White
Stihl FS90r Review – A Complete Guide

Have you been looking for a trimmer that you can use in your home? One of the options available in the market today is Stihl FS90r. This is a professional brushcutter from a well-known company known as Stihl.

The secret to maintaining a beautiful landscape lies in using the right trimmer. Before investing in any professional trimmer, you should learn more about it so that you can determine if it is the right fit. This Stihl FS90r review can help find out why you should consider investing in this line trimmer. Enjoy!

Stihl FS90r Review – A Complete Guide

Most professionals buy different types of trimmers from Stihl. Though this company was initially known for its rugged chain saws, it now has a wide line of different power tools such as line trimmers. Choosing a trimmer from this company can help you enjoy working on your lawn since the company produces dependable tools.

If you need an affordable line trimmer that is of high quality, you should consider Stihl FS90r. Apart from professionals, most homeowners also invest in this yard tool since it has a lot of benefits. Stihl FS90r is a line trimmer that can help you work on your lawn fast. It can help you even trim very thick and tall grass in your compound without using a lot of effort. Most customers who choose this Stihl trimmer are not only impressed with its build quality but also its excellent performance.

Stihl FS90r Review

According to most landscapers, this line trimmer is easy to maneuver. The trimmer is equipped with a loop handle that allows it to navigate well, even in areas where space is a bit limited. This loop handle is one of the features that makes thinning between scrubs easy. The loop handle also makes this trimmer different from the Stihl FS90 model, which comes with a bike-type handle. If you are trying to trim grass in an area with rocks or trees or even on uneven ground, a loop handle trimmer can do a better job than a bike-type handle trimmer.

By including a multifunction handle, the manufacturer also ensures that you can complete demanding tasks without necessarily taking your hand from the handle. Using this product can help you enjoy a simple trimming experience since all the operating elements are easy to access. The multifunction handle enhances comfort while trimming grass in your yard.

Apart from this feature, you should also expect an engine of 28.8cc in this trimmer. Compared to other models, this Stihl brushcutter has more power to help you tackle even the toughest trimming tasks. You can use it to trim a large area within a short duration.  This is a mobile trimmer that you can move around with ease without dealing with cabling or wires.

In the creation of this trimmer, Stihl uses a technology known as a reduced emission engine. The ‘caring for nature’ seal on this trimmer shows that it is an environmental-friendly machine that does not produce a lot of exhaust emissions. Buying this Stihl brushcutter can therefore help you conserve the environment.

Since this line trimmer is based on an electronic ignition module, it offers dependable starting. Debris or moisture cannot find their way into the trimmer since it is fully enclosed. If you like taking breaks while trimming grass, you will appreciate the purge pump primer included in this model. Every time you press the bulb, the fuel pump will deliver adequate fuel to the carburetor. This minimizes the number of pulls that you have to make after regular breaks.

The manufacturer also ensures that this is a fuel-efficient trimmer. Since it does not consume a lot of fuel, it is an economical trimming tool. Unlike some of the models, this trimmer minimizes hand vibration for easy operation. You don’t have to keep on disturbing your neighbors every time you want to trim your yard since it works without producing so much noise. Since this is a lightweight trimmer, it can prevent excess fatigue even when working on a large piece of land.

Stihl FS90r Parts & Attachments

Stihl FS90r Attachments,

The market offers different spare parts that you can get for this grass trimmer. Consider buying spare parts from an approved Stihl dealer so that you can choose high-quality parts for your grass trimmer. The best dealers are known to offer next-day delivery so that customers don’t have to wait for long to continue enjoying trimming with Stihl FS90r.

Some of the spare parts that you can get for this weed eater include the carburetor parts, the fan housing parts, drive shaft parts, and gear head parts. You can easily purchase different attachments for this line trimmer, such as brush blades that can help you handle even the most challenging trimming jobs. It will not cost you a lot of cash to buy most of the parts and attachments for this line trimmer. Having a couple of them can ensure that you always maintain your yard in good condition.

How to Start a Stihl Weed Eater FS90r

This is a popular trimmer that can help meet professional trimming demands. It is suitable for gardening, landscaping, and clearing applications. Before you start using this trimmer, check the manual that this trimmer comes with. This contains the guidelines on how to use it and the safety instructions you should pay attention to. Using this trimmer properly is important to avoid getting injured.

Once you have gone through the instructions, put some fuel in the tank. If you are not using the trimmer for the first time, the filler cap should help you check the remaining amount of fuel in its tank. Beware of your surroundings before you start operating this tool. You should avoid operating this weed trimmer near pets or children. Since the trimmer head tends to spin very fast once the machine is on, if the trimmer line gets into contact with a foreign body, it can fling it easily.

If you are wearing protective equipment and have steady footing, you can now start the trimmer. Consider using it with a shoulder strap for a more comfortable trimming experience. Hold down the throttle trigger and throttle trigger lockout. As you engage these levers, you should switch on the starter switch. If you forget to set the switch on, you may not be able to start this line trimmer.

In case the engine is still cold, you need to ensure that the choke lever is in the full choke position. For a warm engine, the choke lever should be set to a half-choke position. You can also press the decompression value button. Lay the trimmer on the ground safely. Ensure that the cutting attachment does not touch the ground. Try putting the trimmer in the opposite direction of the starter grip handle. Once you do this, you should then pull the starting cord gradually until you start feeling resistance. You can then guide the rope back into the housing so that you can prevent any tangling while using this line trimmer.

Continue pulling the starter grip a couple of times before moving the choke lever to its middle setting. You should continue cranking the engine with some sharp pulls until it starts. After this,return the trimmer’s engine to the idle setting by flicking the throttle trigger.

Though starting this weed eater is simple, some people experience problems using it, especially beginners. If you are struggling to start the Stihl Weed Eater FS90r, the problem could be related to air circulation in the combustion chamber or the fuel. Suppose you have stored the trimmer for a long time without using it; old fuel can clog the carburetor. This can make it difficult to start this line trimmer.

In this case, you should consider thorough cleaning before you try to use the trimmer for your gardening needs. Before cleaning the carburetor, take some time to inspect the gas cap. Ensure that it is properly tightened so that the fuel delivery system works well.

If you have problems with starting the engine, the air filter could be clogged. Pull the plastic cover on the engine housing and use a screwdriver to pry out the filter so that you can clean or replace it based on its condition. Sometimes, failure to add the right oil/gas ratio to a trimmer as directed on the manual can prevent the engine from working. If you have tried working on such issues, but the trimmer still does not start, consider bringing it to a service technician experienced with such Stihl trimmers.


Every lawn fanatic should be keen on choosing the right garden tools. If you are not buying such tools for the first time, you have probably come across Stihl products. This is a famous brand known for producing quality tools. From our Stihl FS90r review, it is clear that this is a great line trimmer that you should consider buying. It can help you complete the task fast, more efficiently, and with less hassle.

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