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Stens Mower Blades Review

by Jackson White

The Stens mower blades are specifically designed for mulching, and their packaging, suits different types of users; you will, therefore, find them retailing either as a single piece or in a set of four blades. The blades are characteristic hard in their structure, are available in 21inches and you can expect them to offer good performance.

Lawn care is not a onetime thing and the more you get used to amending problems that creep up along the way the more you get used to offering the best care and maintenance procedures. If you are a new lawn or yard owner some of the problems that you are likely to encounter are such as the best methods to protect your lawn from being destroyed by moles, finding the right type of grass that will remain green all year round, and finding an alternative powerful mower from the battery mower to use in an expansive yard.

Lawn owners also struggle with finding the right type of blades for their mowers, and one’s that will not only achieve a perfect finish but will neither bend nor break. The Stens mower blades are good for mulching however, many users complain of them not offering a high lift, meaning that the finished cut wasn’t as attractive.

On the brighter side, however, stens blades have been established to be compatible with different types of mowers, the blades are sharp and will do a great job at mulching thus return all the nutrients to your lawn. You can also depend on the Stens blade for bagging and if you are looking to replace, the blades are compatible with the Poulan, Husqvarna, and AYP.

What to expect from the Stens Mower Blades

While you cannot compare the Stens blades to the gator blades, the former has managed to create a good reputation in the industry. And you can, therefore, expect them to install easily, both the new and professional mowers can handle the installation process of the Stens mower blades, no steep learning curve before you get it right.

The Stens mower blades are made of carbon steel with a hardness of 38-42 Rockwell, and on a need to know basis good mowing blades feature the local steel known to undergo a salt bath heat treatment which reduces the need for straightening. And you must have noticed that most of the blades have a glossy epoxy finish, which is not only low in VOC’S but will resist corrosion and reduce stone chips.

Sten mower blades are compatible with different mowers, and an interesting financial aspect of these blades is that they are widely adopted for commercial use, and retail at a pocket-friendly price.

Key features of the Stens mowing blades

Given their wide use, the Stens blades have incorporated some features that make them highly functional check below as we break them down.

The blades feature the five-point star center hole, the above is normally found in the mulching types of blades, which will benefit the lawns that need mowing at least every three to four days. You might be wondering why you shouldn’t leave your grass to grow longer before the mulching blades are used on them, well there are a couple of things that you need to consider before you decide on how you are going to handle the fast-growing grass species in your lawn.

First, check on the power of your mower’s engine and the size of your lawn; remember that if you are going to use the battery-powered mowers then you will take longer because the unit has to be charged when compared to using the electric mowers. But then again the electric mowers need an electrical socket to operate and this makes it difficult for you to mow every corner, more especially when mowing a large field with numerous hard to reach areas.

Besides, using mulching blades on grass that has overgrown will probably lead to clogging under the deck with piles of grass left lying around in the lawn. The above then means that you can expect the Stens blades to work best on lawns that need frequent mowing.

Stens mowing blades are an aftermarket unit and you can get them from the Stens company, well aftermarkets are sometimes not very reliable simply because they are a replica of the original but for the Stens, they are totally reliable and are mostly used as a replacement, which in the long run if you are looking to dispose of your lawnmower, then these blades are capable of increasing their value.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when compared to other mowers, the Stens blades don’t break but could bend. Sten mower blades are best used with the 42inch deck and can be used to replace blades of model number 134149 of the Craftsman.


  • Sten mower blades are sharp and effective and offer a clean cut
  • The blades are compatible with different mowers,
  • Sten blades feature a sturdy construction
  • Sten blades are good for mulching


  • Sten blades are an aftermarket version
  • The blades are thin thus bend easily


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Final Verdict

While the Stens mower blades are effective in mulching we cannot ignore the simple fact that they are an aftermarket, which then puts a big question mark on their efficiency. The above notwithstanding these mower blades are a good replacement for the different brands because they have incorporated a rather solid construction, and are a perfect mulching unit for those interested in retaining nutrients in their yards.

Before settling with a specific blade, remember that they come in different shapes and sizes, and you must therefore assess your needs (type of grass and size of the lawn) so that you can settle with the one that suits your requirements.

The Sten mower blades are specifically used for mulching although they can also side discharge. Mulching blades are, therefore, famous for transforming the appearance of your lawn or yard and you will find them in sets of medium, low and high lift necessary for bagging the small and large grass clippings.


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