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Marathon Grass Seed Review: The #1 Best Grass for Lawns?

by Jackson White

If you’re looking to improve your lawn and add some color this year, then one of the best ways to do so is by using a top quality perennial grass seed mixture. But with all the different seeds available on the market today, how are you supposed to know which ones will work well in your area? And what makes them better than others?
Fortunately there’s an easy way to find out if a specific type of grass will grow successfully where you live. All you need is a little bit of research. If you want to learn more about which types of grass seed are best suited for your location, we’ve got you covered below…
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When it comes to choosing between brands, most people tend to gravitate toward popular companies like Bluegrass or Kentucky bluegrass because they have been around longer and their products seem to be tried and true. However, just because these brands may be known for quality doesn’t mean that other lesser-known options aren’t equally as good. In fact, many newer companies produce high-quality mixtures too.

One company that has recently become very popular among homeowners who enjoy playing sports on their lawns is called Marathon. This brand was founded in 1997 when its CEO decided he wanted to develop his own version of alfalfa based on his personal experiences growing up in the countryside near France. He named it after himself and set forth to create a line of premium seed mixes specifically designed for areas throughout North America.
These days, Marathon is considered to be one of the leading producers of quality turfgrasses in the United States. It offers several varieties of grasses, including buffalograss, blue gramagrass, ryegrass, kentucky bluegrass, smooth bromus, and fescue blends. These choices give customers a lot of flexibility when trying to decide which particular type works best for their needs.

While each variety does offer something unique, overall Marathon seems to have struck a balance between price and performance. With annual prices ranging from $10-$30 per bag, this brand tends to be less expensive compared to similar competitors. Even though Marathon isn’t quite as widely recognized as other major players such as Bluegrass and Kentuckian, it still produces quality turfgrasses that can compete with any of those names.
Another benefit to buying from Marathon instead of another large brand is that this brand often provides discounts and deals on bulk orders. So whether you purchase 10 bags at once or 100, you’ll get special savings.

So now that you know a little more about this brand, let’s take a closer look at what exactly sets it apart from other similar offerings on the market. We’ll examine both pros and cons associated with Marathon’s turfgrass seed product.

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First off, while Marathon’s offerings don’t have much notoriety outside of commercial settings, they certainly perform very well in residential yards. As mentioned earlier, Marathon is consistently rated among the highest-rated manufacturers of grass seed for home use. Its popularity stems partially from the fact that this company focuses heavily on producing clean, healthy turf without worrying about things like pesticides or herbicides.
This means that unlike other big name brands, Marathon uses only natural ingredients whenever possible. When it comes to fertilizers, Marathon typically relies on organic compost made from recycled materials. Also, since the company cares deeply about environmental issues, it tries to reduce waste as much as possible through recycling packaging materials and offering eco-friendly delivery services.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Marathon also strives to make every aspect of its business sustainable. To help achieve this goal, the company encourages employees to practice green habits such as biking to work and taking public transportation wherever possible.

However, despite having a few minor flaws here and there, Marathon remains a solid choice for anyone looking to buy their lawnseed online. Overall, the company’s approach towards sustainability makes it stand above many of its competition.
Environmentally conscious
No chemical additives allowed
Offers great value due to low pricing
Highly competitive
The biggest drawback is limited availability
Doesn’t ship internationally

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Overall, the consensus appears to be positive regarding Marathon’s ability to provide strong, hardy lawns suitable for outdoor activities such as football games or golfing. Some even claim that these kinds of grasses are actually healthier than regular lawnmowers would cut.

But before making a decision to order any specific type of seed, always keep in mind that not all regions receive equal amounts of sunlight during certain times of the year. That said, if you happen to live somewhere that receives ample sun exposure during peak growth periods, then you should consider ordering whatever fits your local climate best.

For example, if you live in a region that gets lots of rain during spring months, then you might want to opt for a slower maturing hybrid grass rather than a fast-growing warm season variety. On the flip side, if you live in a dryer environment that requires faster germinating species, you could try going with a warmer-season grass instead.

And aside from determining your preferred time frame, the next thing you need to figure into your selection process is what kind of activity takes place on your property. Are there multiple users? Do kids play rough? Will pets cause problems? Will you enjoy doing yard maintenance yourself? Knowing this information beforehand gives you a leg up over potential buyers who are unaware of which types of grasses thrive in their specific situation.

Once you’ve determined this, simply check out our list of recommended turfgrasses under “What Makes A Turfed Area Healthy?” Then read on to discover why some people think Marathon’s turfgrasses fall short.

Some critics argue that Marathon’s turfgrasses are inferior to other brands’ offerings mainly because of two main factors: firstly, the company itself lacks experience manufacturing grass seed. Secondly, the company sells mostly its products through retail outlets located within Canada, which limits its reach beyond borders.

As far as the former complaint goes, many experts agree that this lack of expertise is irrelevant since the majority of consumers prefer to shop locally anyway. Plus, even though Marathon’s reputation hasn’t reached the heights of other companies, it nonetheless continues to outperform competitors across various tests done by third parties.

Other criticisms include complaints concerning durability, pest resistance, weed control, and aesthetics. Many believe that Marathon’s turfgrasses require extra care and attention to maintain healthy conditions. They say that the reason behind this is that Marathon’s plants contain higher concentrations of protein and moisture compared to other brands’. This increased demand leads to weaker roots, causing them to die quicker than normal.
On the subject of pests, it’s important to note that Marathon claims its plants are resistant to insects and disease. While some disagree, it’s worth mentioning that some studies show that Marathon’s grass is indeed superior to other brands when it comes to resisting common weeds.

Finally, some individuals feel that the aesthetic appeal provided by Marathon’s turfgrasses isn’t comparable to other brands. Critics point out that although Marathon’s colors appear slightly darker than other brands’, they are ultimately no match for other brands’ greenery.

To sum everything up, it’s clear that Marathon’s grass seed performs well regardless of user expectations. Since it’s cheaper than competing brands, plus it’s highly competitive, this option is definitely worth considering. Just remember to factor in factors such as sunlight requirements and recreational activities prior to placing your order.

Overall, Marathon is a reliable player in the world of lawn seeding. You won’t regret investing in its products.

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