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John Deere D vs. E series

by Jackson White

When it comes to John Deere machines, you can trust them to deliver great efficiency and quality of work. They are not all the same though, as the company has developed different machines to handle different functions on your lawn – and nowhere is that more evident than with the D series and E series.

Regardless of whether you need a machine for heavy construction, to use for your gardens or lawns, the company John Deere has all the machines you need for any activity you want to do. The company has its origins in the United States, but has also managed to spread their high quality machines around the world.

Among their numerous machines, you have the D and E series of tractors. These tractors seem similar to each other, because they work as utility tractors. However, they do have their differences, and the most noticeable one is that the E tractors are larger than the D tractors.

The D tractors are useful in optimizing your agricultural operations, while the E tractors work better in the realm of heavy duty lifting and heavy agricultural activities.

John Deere D vs. E series – How do they compare?

Engine revolutions and horse power

The D series of John Deere tractors have horsepower engines that range from 36 to 39 horsepower, with an average piston revolution rate of 2,100 per minute – an example would be the John Deere 5039D, which has 39 horsepower. This is quite impressive for a farmyard tractor, and makes it very effective when you need to use it in moderate farm applications.

The engine also uses 3 pistons, which is a guarantee that it is durable and sturdy. You will like the fact that the engine uses oil as the cooling source, as the engine comes complete with the cooling system. The oil prevents overheating due to its introduction to the engine as a jet stream, rather than a steady supply.

As goes with the functionality of the E series of John Deere engines, they have a heavier engine with more power source. An example we will use is the John Deere 5076EN, which comes with a piston revolution power of 2,400 revolutions per minute, while the engine has 92 horsepower rating.

This makes the machine to have a heavier power source, making it suitable for more hostile environments such as ditches and ravines. Note that the engine comes with 4 pistons, rather than the 3 that the D series has, and it goes through cooling through use of oil jets that the block releases.

The lift capacity

It is normal to expect that the lift capacity of E tractors is higher than the D tractors, but the surprising thing is that this is not the case – actually, the D tractor series has a higher lift capacity.

In the case of comparing the 5076EN and 5039D, the D tractor can carry a maximum of 1,600 kilograms, while the E tractor carries a maximum of 1,530 kilograms, which is 30 kilograms less – even if it has more horsepower and a more powerful engine.

Reviews of the D and E series

John Deere D series

The D series works best when you need it in farming settings, and you can operate it to optimize agricultural operation. It also uses a power steering system, and you can either get it as a dual or single clutch system. An instance is to look at the 5039D specs, which include an 88Ah battery, power steering system, and a load capacity of 1,600 kilograms.

D series of tractors are great because of their very high fuel efficiency, excellent levels of productivity, and high torque. The tractors also include some useful accessories, which include draw and wagon bars, a towing hook, and ballast weights.


  • High carrying capacity
  • It includes high ground clearance
  • Includes a noise muffler
  • It has very high fuel efficiency and productivity
  • Strong engines


  • Tend to be expensive


John Deere E series

E series of tractors from the company have a powerful engine, such as the 92 horsepower engine that you find in the 5076EN, making them great if you want to accomplish high power performance. Even in a very difficult environment, they will work very well without strain.

The engines of the E tractors come with 4 pistons, and they are also oil cooled like the D series. However, their carrying capacity is less than what you would find in the D series, which is quite surprising. Like the D series of tractors, there are useful tools it includes such as a creeper, rear and front counterweights, a 3rd rear SCV, and a right side stairway.


  • It has high power capabilities
  • Can work very well in hostile environments
  • Very high ground clearances


  • Has a lower carrying capacity compared to the D series

What is the comparison between the D series and E series?

John Deere D series
John Deere E series
Revolutions per minute
Steering method



Regardless of your choice between these 2 series of John Deere tractors, they still provide excellent quality of service. Both tractor types are strong and can perform great work, although we recommend the D series overall if you want a more versatile experience in your farmyard work.

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