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Is it possible to hose off my lawnmower?

by Jackson White

It is a normal task for some people to sweep and mop their floor every day, or even vacuum them once a week – and the same goes for gardening tools, including lawnmowers. For some people, they prefer doing it once a week, while others like doing so after each use.

Regardless of your schedule in cleaning the tool, you will still need to clean it – this leads to the question of how frequently you should hose your lawnmower, or if you can even do it. The answer to the frequency you should do it will really depend on you, although you should do it regularly to avoid the grass clippings clogging in the components.

If you want to hose off your lawnmower, you can do so if the manufacturer recommends that you do so – however, keep in mind that you should avoid spraying water on its engine. Additionally, you should never rely on pressure washers to clean it, or else you risk damaging the mower.

How will I know if my lawnmower manufacturer recommends hosing it off?

If you want to, you can use soapy water to wash down the deck, but there must be a better way – and if the manufacturer recommends hosing it down, you can do so.

Aside from reading the manufacturer’s manual to see if it is advisable, you can also check under the lawnmower deck to see if it has a wash out port. If it does, then you can move the machine to a flat surface, remove its grass bag, and lower the height of its deck.

You can then connect the hose to its deck and turn on the water supply. Start the mower and run its blades, then you can stop when the water coming off the underside is clear. Afterwards, you can detach the water hose, restart the machine, and then operate the blade in order to dry out the deck.

Always note to avoid getting water on the belts, transmission, and cables, because they will eventually rust and weaken. Additionally, getting the water on the electrics causes them to fail, and these accidents cannot be covered by the warranty.

What should you consider when cleaning the mower?

Cleaning of the blades and cutting deck

Some of the lawnmowers in the market include a deck washing port that allows for cleaning of the deck easily, through attaching your water hose and spraying the water to the bottom of the mower. If there are any remaining clippings, use hot water and a brush to remove them, as this prevents corrosion on the deck and promotes even cuts.

Cleaning the engine

Before cleaning the engine, you need to take some extra safety precautions. First is allowing the engine to cool down, and then removing the spark plug that prevents the mower from accidentally powering on. After this, you can then use a de-greaser and water hose to clean up the engine.

As long as the engine is clean, it will remain healthy, which helps the mower to operate at its best at all times.

Cleaning up the carburetor

The carburetor is among the most important parts when cleaning up the mower, because it allows the engine to operate smoothly. Therefore, you need to take care when removing the parts, and soak them in a carburetor cleaner for about an hour, then spray them with cold water. Allow them to dry after this before reassembling them in the engine.

Additional tips to use when hosing it off

  • Use a garden hose, cloth, or brush to clean the lawnmower top. This will help you to remove any remaining oil, grass, or dirt.
  • When you are cleaning, never spray water on a hot engine, because the cooling is very sudden and will cause the engine block to crack.
  • When you use a garden hose to clean the engine, you must avoid the top section of the mower, the carburetor/air filter area, and exhaust area.
  • When you are spraying the lawnmower’s underside, ensure you tip the mower, as you want the spark plug to point upwards to the sky. In order to do this, lower the handle to ground level, and use a heavy object to secure the handle to the ground.
  • When you are tipping the mower, avoid tipping it to either side of the spark plug if the plug is not at the front side. This will prevent oil spilling into the carburetor or exhaust, and ensure that starting the lawnmower is not difficult.
  • Hose off any dirt and grass that remains on the underside of the mower, but never use your hand to do so. In addition, make sure that you disconnect the spark plug before you begin hosing down the mower to prevent accidental starts.

Effects of cleaning different lawnmower parts

The lawnmower part
Allows the entire mower to run efficiently throughout use, as well as protecting some parts from corrosion.
Blades and cutting deck
Leads to better cutting of grass clippings and prevents clumping
Prevents rusting, which enhances its service life


Final thoughts

Cleaning up your lawnmower is important; because it will help you save plenty of money in the long run and provide a method of easy maintenance.

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