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How to Make Grass in Little Alchemy (EASY) – Quick & Simple Guide

by Jackson White

If you are looking for the best guide on making grass in little alchemy, then look no further! You can find everything here about how to make grass in little Alchemy easy and quick. It’s not just me who says so because there have been many other people asking similar questions as well. After reading this article you will be able to understand all of those questions yourself or your friends. There is so much information inside it but don’t worry we won’t leave out any details. We’ll go through each step carefully while explaining exactly what needs to be done. If you follow these steps closely you should be fine with this game without having to read another single word from this page. But if you want more detailed instructions, feel free to check our website below. Now let’s get started…

How to Get Grass In Little Alchemy – The Ultimate Guide
Before going into detail about how to make grass in little Alchemy, first lets talk about where you can get it and why? Well, grass is one of the most important elements in the game. Without grass you cannot play at all. So naturally, you need it before you start playing. However, finding grass isn’t always an easy task especially when you’re new to the game. Luckily enough, there are some places where you can easily obtain grass seeds which include; fields, forests, mountains, caves, etc.. Also, they aren’t too hard to come by since you can usually see them right next to their respective objects. For example, grass grows on top of plains and hills. As far as I know, the easiest way to gather grass would be to simply walk around until you spot a patch of grass growing near its object. Once you’ve found it, grab it and take it back home. Then plant it somewhere in your house. Thats basically how you get grass in little Alchemy.

Now after getting grass you still need to wait 30 days for it to grow. During this period time, you mustn’t move your current residence unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, your grass might die due to possible damages such as falling off trees, hitting rocks, etc. Don’t forget to water your plants every few hours though.

After waiting for thirty days, you can now harvest your grass. Simply pick up your shovel, dig down deep within the ground till you reach dirt layer, and collect whatever you find. Remember, you can also use tools like axes and swords to kill enemies/animals that may attack your garden. And yes, killing animals with weapons can help increase your chances of collecting better quality grass once harvested. Here’s a tip for you guys. Try using your ax or sword against enemy/animal skeletons rather than live ones. They tend to drop higher quality grass seeds.

Once you’ve collected your desired amount of grass, put it back onto the place where you planted it earlier. Next, you need to repeat the same procedure again for future harvesting. Keep doing this till you fully fill your inventory with 100% grass.

At last, you need to make sure to properly care for your grass seedlings. When you notice they sprout green leaves, you already need to give them sunlight and water. On the contrary, once they begin showing yellowish leaves, you shouldn’t give them light anymore as they require less energy to bloom. Just keep watering them whenever needed. Lastly, once they become full grown you need to cut away half of the blades. Doing this helps prevent them from dying prematurely.

That said, there are certain things you need to bear in mind whether you choose to harvest your own grass or buy it from someone else. First thing is to avoid letting your grass dry out, otherwise it will stop blooming. Another thing is you must never ever mix different types of grass together. Doing so could result in death penalty since mixing plants causes severe damage to them even if they both belong to the same family. Most importantly, remember not to share your grass seedling with anyone else except fellow villagers. Sharing with others may cause your grass to wither away faster.

As mentioned above, keeping your grass alive takes a lot of effort. Therefore, you need to spend money regularly to maintain your grass. Every month, you must feed 10 coins per grass seedling. One important note is that feeding your grass doesn’t cost anything extra. Instead, it serves as a sort of compensation fee for giving birth to baby grass seedlings.

Lastly, you need to take note of the fact that your grass will eventually wither away if left alone for long periods of time. Hence, you must replant it periodically. At least once every 2 months, plant a new batch of grass seedlings.

I hope my article has helped answer your question “how do you make grass in little alchemy”. Please try to visit our website frequently for more updates regarding games and programs. Thanks for reading!

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