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Honda Hrx217 Review

by Jackson White

There are so many types of lawnmowers in the market, from the gas-powered, the electric and manual mowers, all of which offer varying levels of performance with regards to the size of the lawn or yard and the type of grass. There are certain lawn mower brands in the market that have incorporated all the important functional features, such as comfort, high performance, and are durable such as the Honda Hrx217.

Yard owners are always after the immaculate even finish that most lawns exhibit especially the public lawns such as the Golf courses. And to be honest not all the mowers can achieve the desired effect but we can also not fail to give credit where it is deserved, the Honda Hrx217, has a perfect cutting ability in that it will leave you with an even surface.

And even better is that it can tackle the tall and dense grass without bogging down and if you wish to equip your yard with nutrients from the cut grass then this mower is the best mulcher. Machinery that are battery, gas, or electricity powered, are a tricky subject when it comes to making purchases, so the best way to go about it is by learning through others who have already used the equipment. Reviews are therefore a perfect way of deciding whether or not you will settle with a particular piece of equipment.

For the Honda Hrx217, most users have expressed nothing but appreciation for getting value for their money, the unit has been praised for efficiently cutting the dense tall grass, it is additionally powerful and easy to use. The twin blade system allows for a consistent workflow where you will only need to empty the bag when you are done with your chores.

What to expect from the Honda Hrx217

There are so many things that you can expect from this mower, the first one being high-performance; the mower is known to work pretty fast and handle intense tasks such as feeding on the tall and thick grass with zero chances of stalling; the above inadvertently saves the user’s time and wear on the engine.

Machinery maintenance is no child’s play and if you are not conversant with the relevant care and maintenance procedures then you might incur some extra costs. Maintenance of the Honda Hrx217 is a breeze even for the new users, and you will find that the air filter and spark plug changes are easy, users have also been provided with a large fuel tank filler that is not only easy to fill up but has fewer spills.

An uncomfortable mowing position can lead to the development of lower back pain more especially for the push mowers, simply because you might have to bend over as you push the mower, and second because you might be forced to stay in that position as you work the lawn. Now, for the Honda Hrx217, it was manufactured with comfort in mind because the unit is light in weight, and is equipped with an auto choke system which is easy to start.

Key features of the Honda Hrx217

Roto Stop – welcome to the home of innovation, so if you decide to settle with this mower, then you will be able to stop the blades from spinning without necessarily having to stop the engine. Remember that as a safety precaution people are always advised against leaving the mower running when they need to step away even if it is for a few seconds. But with the Honda Hrx217, handling and use are a lot easier when compared to other types of mowers.

The quick-release handle – the Hrx217 series is a state of the art mower that has incorporated up to 3 easy to adjust positions that will enable comfortable mowing; and when it comes to storage you can easily fold the handles to occupy a smaller space.

The cruise control variable– if you are using the mower for the first time then orientation is a must and the good thing with the Honda Hrx217 is that it allows the user to regulate the mowing speed via the Honda hydrostatic cruise control; important to note is that this feature is available in only two Hrx217 models, the HYA and the HZA models.

The Micro-cut twin blades- the major reason why you will get this unit is that you want it to mow your lawn or yard; so what should you expect, well the Honda Hrx217 has been equipped with twin blades meaning that you get up to four cutting surfaces which translates to effective mulching and bagging and with the smaller clippings being produced then you can expect that your chores will be reduced by half.

And as a show of good faith and the amount of trust that the manufacturers have invested in the unit, users will be furnished with a full five-year residential warranty which is comprehensive and not limited to parts only.

The 4 in 1 Versamow system- comes incorporated with a clip director and is responsible for shredding, mulching, bagging, and discharging the leaves. And if you are out for the immaculate finish the mower can mulch and bag.


  • Maintenance of the unit is pretty easy
  • Comfortable to use thus eliminates fatigue
  • Has incorporated a sleek design
  • The cruise control feature gives users easy variable speed control


  • Sensitive blade brakes and clutch


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Final verdict

So many good reviews for this unit, and we must also recognize that it has quite some interesting innovative features, meant to make your work easy. The Honda Hrx217 mower looks like it comes from the future, meaning that use, care, and maintenance involves a steep learning curve. The mower is, however, highly functional given that most of the control features are within your hands reach.

The sleek Honda Hrx217 is a sleek, walk behind mower, configured to mow long and dense grass without giving in; the perfect finish is attributed to the ability of its engine to deliver more power and torque to the mowing blades.


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