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Gator Blades Review

by Jackson White
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Gator blades have a reputation of offering the best performance thanks to the use of good quality material that resulted in a sturdy construction. The blade has been fused with Tungsten carbide which creates an ultra-hard layer at the cutting edge thus increases the time between sharpening. A closer look at the blade will reveal enhanced width and thickness, which inadvertently extends the blade’s life while allowing for a longer lifting arch that consequently improves bagging and mulching.

Once you are done mowing how does it feel pulling a seat and relaxing at your front porch just to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass while the cool breeze rubs past your face, satisfying don’t you think. Lawn and Yard owners share a couple of struggle as regards maintaining their yards cosmetic appearance, from finding a powerful mower that can finish the chores without giving in, to finding the right grass that will remain green all year round and to finally investing in the right mower blades that will achieve the perfect cosmetic look that everyone is after.

Finding the right mowing blade for your mower is primary to achieving a good even cut, there are, therefore, different types of blades in the market for example the low lift blades are designed for discharge mowing and are best used when mowing a sandy soil terrain. We then have the deck or standard blades which when used create a sucking and cutting action, we then have the high lift blades best used on tall and compact grass but will demand a high horsepower engine for effectiveness.


The mulching blade works in three ways and one of its best features is that it returns the nutrients back to the soil. The gator blade is the most unique in structure because of the serrated edges and offers lawn mowers a 3 in 1 solution which are side discharging, bagging, and mulching, meaning the blade is the best for all-round for grass cutting.

What to expect from the Gator blades

The physical structure of the gator blades can be confusing and you might end up thinking that the serrated edges are for cutting; well the edges don’t cut the grass but are instead used to produce a clean-cut mulching finish. If you take a look at the teeth on both edges you will realize that they are angled towards the center, the reason for the above is to redirect airflow and in the process push the grass clippings back over the cutting edge of the mower in repetition, which then results in much smaller clippings.

Aren’t you relieved that you will not be sharpening the mowers teeth instead of the actual blade, still not convinced on switching over to the gator blades, well here is another convincing fact. Standard blades when used for mowing tend to produce longer clippings but if you decide to use the gator blades then you can expect finer clippings that will almost disappear when thrown back to the lawn. The above then give your grass the much-needed nutrients that you would have otherwise bagged or side discharged.

And what should I expect in performance from the Gator blade, the latter tend to work best on the multi-blade decks more especially if you are mowing into the discharge, meaning that you won’t need the mulching adapter kits. In essence, therefore, is that you can expect the gator blades to enhance the performance of the mulching mowers and this goes for both the single and the multi-blade.

Gator blades will also give you good results when used in sandy conditions, and when mowing ensures that the grass is about 1 ½ in tall. Lawnmower owners always have concerns about blade quality and whether they would work as new after being sharpened. Well, what we know about the gator blade is that the cutting edges are carbide milled; carbide is a hard durable material that is made of carbon and more than one heavy metals.

The above then means that the blade is super sharp and the quality will not be lost even when it has to be re-sharpened with consistent use. The gator blades are usually fully treated to enhance their hardness, safety, and durability.

Key features of the gator blades

Gator blades are the perfect mulchers- because they reduce the grass clippings into fine particles that you won’t need to bag because when returned to the lawn they will disappear into the existing grass. The side discharge feature is also super effective as debris is pushed up thanks to the high lift blade angles that increase airflow offering a swift side discharge.

Gator blades are thicker- and heavier when compared to other types of blades, which means that they are stronger, durable, and effective in operation, they are also resistant to bending and breaking.

The Gator blades are fast– when used during mowing the gator blades tend to mow at higher speeds. Lawn owners can, therefore, expect to achieve a cleaner cut when mowing with these blades, more especially on the multi-deck blades.


  • Bagging and vacuuming is not necessary after using the gator blades
  • The blades are durable
  • The gator blades are made of strong material, therefore, does not bend or break
  • The Gator blades are a 3 in 1 solution for the lawnmowers


  • The gator blades are heavy
  • Discharging is not as seamless and clump when used in wet conditions


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Final Verdict

The right mowing blades are the determinants of the final look and by extension, they will also decide if the grass will grow back in your lawn or not, given that some of them rip the grass instead of cutting. Gator blades, therefore, come highly recommended and have been determined to contain the relevant enhancements necessary for efficiency thus save your time. Once the gator blades are installed and are working on your lawn you will notice that they easily draw up grass, leaving you with a clean even cut.

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