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Dr Earth vs Fox farm. Which one is better?

by Jackson White

We all want to grow beautiful, green, and thriving plants, but it can be a bit confusing which is the best fertilizer for your plants to use to achieve this. Its recommended to use organic fertilizers like Dr Earth and Fox farm that are good for your health, kids, and pets and also environmentally-friendly.

Dr Earth fertilizers are organic fertilizers that will help to improve the soil in your garden. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing potted plants or in a big garden, your soil should contain nutrients that your plants need to grow and flourish. Dr Earth will provide good plant food for your indoor and outdoor plants made from 100% natural and organic materials making them both kids and pet-friendly.

Fox farm fertilizers are liquid fertilizers that provide micronutrients to your plants to help produce healthier flowers, abundant fruit, and more blooms. Their large variety of products are formulated to boost your plant’s health and productivity. Fox farm liquid fertilizers are very popular with hydroponics farmers. These liquid fertilizers provide both macro and micronutrients that your plants need to grow thanks to their broad application for hydroponics.

Comparison table for Dr Earth and Fox farm

Fertilizer brand
Dr Earth
Fox farm
Types of fertilizers
Mostly soluble fertilizers
Mostly liquid and soluble fertilizers
Trio formula
Include big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom
Safe for kids and pets
Contains natural ingredients
Suitable for
Indoor and outdoor plants and lawns
Hydroponics and plants

How do they differ?

Types of fertilizers

While both Dr Earth and Fox farm are formulated with natural and organic materials, they’re applied at different times of your plant’s growth to help boost their growth and production. Dr Earth mostly produces granular fertilizers for your plants and lawn that help to improve the soil in your garden by providing nutrients your plants need to grow. Fox farm produces both soluble and liquid fertilizers that you can use for your soil and hydroponics.


Dr Earth products are mostly made of bone meal, alfalfa meal, fishbone meal, feather meal, cottonseed meal, and other common ingredients and enzymes that sometimes have a strong offensive smell because they’re organic and natural materials. However, fox farm products have different growing mediums with specially blended additives each made to meet your specific growing requirement. Most of the growing mediums are coco-air that contain little to no nutrients. Fox Farm has a nutrient formula that works well with coco-air and can work well with hydroponics.

Comparison review

Dr Earth fertilizers

Dr Earth fertilizer products are made with natural and organic materials that are safe to use around your kids and pets and are also safe for the environment. Some of the organic fertilizers you can use include.

Dr Earth vegetable fertilizer

This is a great fertilizer for your tomatoes and veggies that use the same type of fertilizer. This organic fertilizer contains more phosphorous than nitrogen and very little amounts of potassium. This vegetable fertilizer contains many micronutrients that other fertilizers don’t have. Some of the nutrients you’ll find in this fertilizer include soft rock, seaweed extract, bone meal, fish meal, alfalfa meal, and even probiotics.

Dr Earth compost starter

If you already compost your garden waste and kitchen scraps, this compost starter fertilizer will a great addition to your already existing compost pile. It contains a superior blend of seaweed extract, alfalfa meal, and beneficial soil microbes that you can use for all compositing applications. The microbes help to speed up and break down the decomposition of the raw materials in your compost pile and the soil to produce a very rich humus full of nutrients for your plants.

Dr Earth all-purpose fertilizer

This organic fertilizer is ideal to use with all types of plants to provide balanced and fast nutrition to your veggies, potted plants, flowers, annuals and perennials, all trees, shrubs, and bedding plants. It contains a 100% natural and organic blend of alfalfa meal, kelp meal, bone meal, potassium sulfate, fishbone meal, kelp flour, and feather meal. It releases balanced plant nutrition quickly but also continues to feed your plants for months to promote healthier growth and bigger more abundant harvest.


  • Made with natural and organic materials
  • Provides both macro and micronutrients
  • Safe to use around your kids, pets, and environmentally-friendly
  • Can be used on all types of plants


  • Sometimes might take time to see results
  • Products aren’t available everywhere


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Fox farm fertilizers

Fox farm produces the best soil mixes, fertilizers, and liquid plant foods whose formulas are greenhouse tested to ensure consistency and quality. It offers a wide variety of products that help to boost your plant’s health and productivity. Fox farm has simplified its products by providing a three-pack of their grower’s fertilizers that you use in sequence for easy use and outstanding blooms. It also has an advanced feeding program with a 12-week feeding schedule for a more precise platform to help promote growth and production. The nutrients are used in both the vegetative and flowering stages of growing weed and to keep your plants healthy. Its product line of liquid plant foods and soluble fertilizers that you use at specific times and in very little amounts for great results.

Fox farm liquid fertilizer

These fertilizers are mostly used for hydroponic farming. They help to increase your plant yield and come in a 3-pack combo.

Liquid fertilizer combo

Grow big

An organic concentrate that contains micro, minor, and major nutrients to give your plants all the nutrients they need for a bumper crop harvest and still mild enough not to affect the water’s pH. It has an NPK ratio of 6-4-4 and is mostly used during the early stages of growth.

Tiger bloom

Applied when your plants are on the flowering stage and are high in nitrogen and phosphorous needed for flowering and bud development. You can use it for both hydroponics and soil applications and should be applied after 5 weeks, but it will depend on the plant.

Big bloom

Formulated for the blooming stage of your plants with the perfect formula for providing the nutrients needed and growing weed. Has an NPK ratio of 0-5-7 since your plants don’t need nitrogen during the flowering stage as it can cause your buds to yellow. Big bloom not only provides your plants with the nutrients they need to grow but also helps to boost the nutrient capability of your plants.

Fox farm soluble fertilizer combo

Open sesame

This is a fertilizer high in phosphorous that is formulated to be used during the early years of flowering to help support fast blooming and bud development. You can use it on hydroponics, gardening soil, and potted plants.

Cha Ching

This fertilizer is also high in phosphorous and it contains all the essential elements to help support stocky plants and compact juicy fruits. It helps to produce robust and juicy fruits that contain essential oils and resins from the leaves and stems. This means your fruits will have concentrated flavor and the perfect texture.

Beastie bloomz

This fertilizer contains a well-balanced pH blend to provide extra strength nutrients needed by your plants during their growing cycle that are specially formulated so your plants can produce heavy fruits and maximize their blooming development.


  • Can be used at specific stages of your plant’s growth
  • Provides the needed nutrients
  • Contains natural and organic ingredients
  • Help in promoting growth and production


  • Are expensive
  • Sometimes the liquid fertilizers for crystals at the bottom


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Fertilizing your plants and lawns is an essential step if you want to grow beautiful thriving plants. However, organic fertilizers are the best like Dr Earth and Fox farm that don’t contain chemicals and don’t harm your plants. Fox Farm has a wide variety of products and a trio formula that is a cost-effective solution to meeting the growing needs and stages of your plants.

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