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Dr. Earth flower girl review

by Jackson White

Do you enjoy gardening and are in search of a good bloom booster? If yes, you need to consider Dr. Earth Flower girl.

This is a popular bloom booster that most people use in their gardens. It can give your flowers the nutrients they need to blossom. You can use it on flowering plants since it can enhance their development and promote blooms. Though the market offers different types of bloom boosters, not all of them are ideal for your garden. Read on to find out why many gardeners choose this bloom booster over the rest.

Introduction to Dr. Earth Flower girl bloom booster

Planting flowers is quite a fulfilling experience. If you have a lawn full of flowers, you have to take care of them to get a good harvest. This bloom booster is essential since it can help the crops in your garden produce more flowers within a short duration.

It is an organic fertilizer that does not contain any GMOs. Being organic means that it is made using animal waste and pure vegetable. It contains nutrients that feed plants gradually and does not have any man-made components. You can use it on both flowering plants and fruit trees.

Dr. Earth flower girl is designed to support plants to get to the last developmental phase. Whether you have flowering plants outdoors or in an enclosed area, you can use this fertilizer without any safety concerns. This is because the manufacturer does not include any toxic components or synthetic chemicals.

According to the manufacturer, this fertilizer is not only safe for humans but also pets. You can even use it even where your kids play without any worries. The ingredients available in this fertilizer are all formulated for flowers. You can rely on this bloom booster for a few months since it comes in a 12-pound bag.

What does Dr. Earth Flower girl contain?

A beautiful garden does not occur by chance. You have to put in a lot of effort to enjoy large blooms. The fertilizer you choose for your flowers matters. If you want to get a lawn with big and fragrant flowers, you should consider Dr. Earth flower girl. This is an effective fertilizer that contains the nutrients necessary for the developmental phase. Instead of using chemical fertilizers on your plants, you should choose this natural fertilizer since it is safe and more effective.

It contains phosphorus that can help buds mature and develop faster. The lack of enough phosphorus in plants can reduce cytokinin activity. This activity is important since it promotes the division of cells in the shoots and roots of plants. Using Dr. Earth flower girl on your flowers can therefore include cytokinin activity, which in turn leads to more production of flowers.

You should also ensure that your flowers have enough phosphorus to prevent them from dying due to pathogens. These organisms are the leading cause of diseases in most plants. When you use dr earth flower girl fertilizer on flowers, you can supply them with the right amount of phosphorus to curb such effects.

Apart from that, Dr. earth flower girl contains potassium, which activates the enzymes responsible for growth in different plants. Using this fertilizer on your flowers can help promote the intake of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. This is an important compound that is needed for the development and growth of flowers.

Dr. Earth Flower girl also contains pro-biotic soil microbes and endo mycorrhizae. Flowering plants in your garden need endo mycorrhizae since these fungi can increase the uptake of other nutrients as well as minerals. Apart from that, Dr. earth flower girl also contains carbohydrates, which play a significant role in flowering plants. The carbohydrates included in this fertilizer serve as the energy source for your plants. They also help in the construction of plant leaves, stems, shoots, and even blooms.

Since the fertilizer is also equipped with proteins, it can help flowering plants develop sturdy cell walls. This nutrient is also essential to plants since it supports the health of the root system and assists in the transportation of different nutrients from plant roots to the flowers. Using dr earth flower girl fertilizer on your flowers can lead to rapid growth since the protein in it facilitates calcium intake, which in turn accelerates cell expansion.

On the label of this fertilizer, you will also notice the presence of an ingredient known as alfalfa meal. This is a crucial element that helps scrubs and perennials bloom longer and faster. If you are dealing with young plants, you can make them bloom with the help of dr earth flower girl since it contains fish bone meal that is good for root development. Due to the inclusion of this ingredient, you should expect a fishy smell in the fertilizer.

The manufacturer also includes humic acids in this fertilizer, which leads to healthy soils which can grow good looking flowers over a short duration. This ingredient is also crucial since it helps plants absorb the other nutrients properly. All the nutrients available in this fertilizer come in the right concentration levels to reduce the risk of burning plants due to overexposure to particular compounds. The bloom booster is designed to work gradually. Over time, it will feed both your plants and the soil, and you will start noticing a significant difference.

How to use it

Even if you have never used a bloom booster before, you can easily apply dr earth flower girl on your flowers. This is because the label highlights all the directions that you should follow during the application. If you have new plants in the garden, ensure you use at least two cups of potting soil per half cubic foot.

Once you have finished planting, you can add an extra cup of this fertilizer around your plants then mix it into the soil. In case you want to apply this bloomer booster on established plants, you can mix at least two cups of this fertilizer with soil. You can even mix this bloom booster with water for deep root feeding or foliar feeding.

Ensure you apply this fertilizer to the plants at an ideal time so that you don’t affect the root system negatively. The best time to use this fertilizer is immediately after the flower buds start forming. When the weather begins to get cold, you should stop using this bloom booster. Since it has an extended shelf life, you can use it for a long time without any adverse effects. You should, however, observe proper storage and avoid exposing it to high moisture levels.


  • Using it can lead to abundant blooms and buds
  • It is safe on humans and pet
  • Enhances the development of healthy and robust roots
  • Does not contain toxic compounds
  • 100% organic
  • Comes at a mid-range price
  • The ingredients in this fertilizer are eco-friendly


  • Some users don’t like the fishy smell


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If you want the plants in your garden to grow more flowers, you need to use the right fertilizer. Dr. Earth bloom booster is an effective fertilizer that can help you achieve this. It contains many nutrients and minerals that can enhance the growth of flowers and even make the soil healthy. Unlike chemical fertilizers, this is a natural product that is safe for your flowering plants. Once you use it on your flowers, you should expect them to get bigger within a few months. Dr. Earth flower girl is the key to a beautiful looking yard full of gorgeous flowers.

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