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Cub Cadet Cc600 Vs Toro Time Master-which is the best

by Jackson White

The walk behind lawn mowers like the cub cadet Cc600 and the Toro Time Master are best used in small lawns because they offer flexible operability. The units enable the removal of obstacles from the mowing path and allow trimming of the hard to reach areas with ease. Both of the above-mentioned mowers have, therefore, incorporated the same engine thus have many similarities as compared to differences.

The below excerpt will therefore break into the differences and similarities of the two mowers as we seek to establish which of the two has incorporated the most innovative features and is additionally versatile.

Machinery equipment are sometimes rated with regards to the brand, and that is why you will find that most people prefer to stick with a specific brand because they have known it for years and is believed to have the relevant experience thus understands their customers’ needs.

Cub cadet has been around since 1961 that is just about over 40years, the company’s growth was fast in terms of production and over the years it has embraced technology. Toro Time Master, on the other hand, has over 90 years in the industry and after its conception, back in 1914, the company did well in establishing itself among the local’s thanks to the name Toro that is associated with a Bull.

So, since both companies have the relevant experience when it comes to user satisfaction, we do expect them to produce some durable and high-quality mowers, see the comparison table below.

Comparison Table

Cub Cadet Cc600
Toro Time Master
Engine displacement
Cutting deck width
30″ / 76 cm
Cutting height range
1.25”- 3.55”
1.25″ – 4.25″ / 3.2 – 10.0 cm 2-point
Fuel tank capacity
1.2qt (1hr run time)
Cub Cadet® OHV
10.00 ft-lb Gross Torque* Briggs & Stratton® 223cc OHV

Comparison Overview

The Cub Cadet Cc600 boasts of a powerful OHV engine, and the company has made it a habit of equipping most of its heavy equipment with high-performance engines more especially the garden tractors and lawnmowers. The above is because the company makes its engines since 2008 after ending its business relationship with B&S and after Tecumseh went out of business.

The high-performance engine in the cub cadet is powered by gasoline and efficiently steers the cutting blades and the rear-wheel-drive system. An interesting feature when it comes to operating this mower is that you can variably adjust the speeds of the self-propulsion system to your natural walking gait.

The incorporated 28in cutting deck features at least two blades, now remember that the mower is a 3 in 1 that can comfortably handle large lawns, and to save you the stress of a blower you have been provided with a bagger that has a capacity of up to 2.25 bushels.

And as we mentioned earlier this unit has incorporated innovative technology, and you have, therefore, been furnished with a deck washing system a feature that keeps the unit clean and clear of any corrosive elements.

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The time master has indeed been equipped with the time efficiency features, for example, the 30” mowing deck has been configured in such a way that it allows users to handle the large areas of grass faster and easily, consequently reducing the time that you spend mowing by about 40%. In essence, therefore, is that time is saved when the blades trim grass in a wider cut path which is then combined with the enhanced speeds of the Toro mower.

The unit additionally boasts of a dual cut system that reduces the grass clippings into a fine mulch, which doesn’t require a blower for them to disappear, and will, therefore, quickly disintegrate and return the nutrients to the soil. The varying handle height positions help ensure that users can mow in the right posture and to make your mowing experience memorable, the mower is equipped with an intelligent personal pace feature, designed to sense your walking pace and smoothly adjusts to match.

When using a mower in a lawn it is always safe to switch it off if you plan to step away for a few minutes or seconds. Not for the Toro Time Master, however, because this unit has been equipped with the latest spin stop technology that stops the blade as you step away for a few seconds. The blade stop system has been configured in such a way that it stops the blade but not the engine of the mower, so there is no need for restarting after stepping away for less than 2minutes.

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The gasoline engine in the cub cadet enables the unit to effortlessly trim the grass in your lawn, no matter the terrain. And for those who live in the hilly areas, you are lucky because this mower has been designed to mow in the hills either when climbing or when descending. We also can’t fail to recognize the effort that was dedicated to the front casters that make the mower obedient especially when mowing areas with other vegetation apart from the grass.

When it comes to the Toro time master, the performance features are a tad bit different, and here the engine is mainly used to deliver more power to the blades with about 10.00ft-lb of gross toque. The incorporated time master offers a high performance by conveniently handling thicker and heavier grass.


The Toro Time master retails at a higher price when compared to the Cub Cadet Cc600, and have very few differences. If you are, therefore, interested in a contemporary unit then the Toro is your mower, thanks to the innovative features. When it comes to the Cub Cadet the price is justified by the normal features, you should, therefore, not expect anything out of the ordinary. And while the price of the Toro Time Master could be higher than that of the Cub Cadet it all boils down to your needs and budget.

Final Verdict

Despite being equipped with a powerful engine both the Cub Cadet Cc600 and the Toro Time Master are great mowers that can be adopted by different categories of lawn owners, that is those with big lawns and the ones with the small lawn. Important to note is that the Toro mower is a high performing unit that has incorporated the latest technology, which makes it easy to use, while the Cub cadet seems to be a bit traditional as it only has the normal features.

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