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Can you mow wet grass with an electric mower?

by Jackson White

Homeowners need to take good care of their lawns even during the rainy season. After a few days of rain, you might be tempted to trim the unruly and long grass on your lawn.

But is it safe to mow wet grass with an electric mower? Before you pick up your electric lawnmower to mow your lawn, you should know that mowing wet grass with an electric mower isn’t such a good idea. You run the risk of damaging your lawnmower and you may hurt yourself. Your personal safety should be your top priority, especially when you’re using any power tool. Tall and wet grass can place a lot of strain on your mower and even cause it to overheat.

How wet is wet?

To determine if your lawn is too wet to mow, walk across it and if you can spot your footprints on the grass, it’s too wet. You’ll also notice that the grass doesn’t spring back in those spots and your toes also get wet. You can also visibly check for water droplets on the blades of your grass which is an indication that all the moisture hasn’t been absorbed yet and the grass is still too wet to mow. Any shaded areas will take longer to dry.

Wet grass will easily compact underneath your mower as it gets bagged or mulched which leaves clumps of clippings piled up all over your lawn. Your lawn will look bad and even worse a day after when the compacted ruts spring back and you have a lawn with miniature mohawks.

Most mowers don’t do a good job on your lawn when the grass is wet as the wet clippings stick on the underside of your mower adversely affecting the airflow. The airflow created by the cutting blade and the deck plays a major role in achieving a smooth and clean cut. So instead of having a clean-cut, you’ll end up tearing your grass, and combined with the moisture it’s the perfect environment for fungus to thrive. This will also put additional strain on your mower as the motor works harder to spin the blades.

If you decide to mulch the clumps of grass you leave on your lawn after mowing can kill the grass underneath which will cause brown patches on your lawn that can take time to recover. If you have to mow wet grass, make sure you evenly distribute the clippings with a rake or blower. Once you’re through mowing your lawn, clean your mower thoroughly to remove any grass stuck under the deck or on the blades to prevent rust or mold growth because of the moisture which you can spread on your lawn the next time you mow your lawn.

Wet grass bends and your mower has a difficult time trying to cut slick grass blades so when you mow you’ll most likely miss some tall grasses which will result in an uneven-looking lawn. When the grass dries the tall grasses spring back up and you end up with an uneven cut lawn.

Using an electric mower with a roller will create stripes on your wet lawn and cause soil compaction. The roller will reduce the gaps in the soil particles which will prevent you’re your lawn from absorbing oxygen, water, and nutrients so you’ll not have a lush, green lawn.

When the grass on your lawn is wet, it’s very hazardous and slippery and can lead to falls. When you exert force to push your electric mower, you may end up accidentally slipping and falling and you might slip towards the cutting blades. If you have to mow in these conditions, you can invest in a pair of slip-resistant shoes.

Why do you need an electric lawn mower?

Mowing the lawn is a chore that most people love to hate, but one that must be done to keep your lawn green and beautiful. So whether it’s your first mower or a replacement, you must consider your needs before you buy one. Electric mowers are very useful if you have a small-medium sized lawn to help keep your lawn in shape. An electric mower can either be corded or cordless battery-powered and each has its own pros and cons.


Electric mowers are considerably less noisy than gas mowers that require earmuffs to protect your hearing and will even draw complaints from your neighbors. Electric mowers operate at 75 dB which is about the same level of noise as a normal conversation while gas mowers operate at 95 dB that can cause hearing loss after prolonged use and repeated exposure to the noise.

Easy to operate and maintain

Electric mowers are easy to use and light so you can easily lift or transport them compared to bulky gas mowers. This makes it easier to mow faster and maneuver, and you also suffer less shoulder and back pains from straining to push the mower around your lawn. You also don’t need to pull any cords as you try to start the mower and since you aren’t using gas, you only need to clean the mower as part of its maintenance.


If you’re environmentally conscious and you know the dangers of pollution and the effects of climate change, you’ll choose to use an electric mower. It doesn’t use gas so you won’t be using fossil fuels to power your mower and you’ll not be polluting the air with gasoline.


With an electric mower, you don’t have to buy gallons of gas, you just need a power outlet to charge your mower. It’s not only cheaper to power, it’s also cheaper to maintain since you don’t need to pay for spark plug replacements, engine tune-ups, fuel filters, or oil since the electric mower doesn’t use them. You also get to save on a lot of cash.


Unlike gas lawn mowers, electric mowers don’t need petrol or oil to function while gas engines need fuel to power and oil for lubrication. Electric mowers need lubrication occasionally and the oil they use is different and easier to use than the one used by gas engines.

Types of lawn mowers

Best used
Features and maintenance
Small to medium lawns
More technical than push mowers and require more maintenance and can be difficult to fix when damaged. Usually more expensive than push mowers
Hover mower
small lawns
Useful for lawns with awkward shapes but is fairly expensive and lack power and friction with the ground
Zero-turn mower
Large lawns and yards
Uses dual hydrostatic transmission to steer the rear wheels, great maneuverability, and cuts grass in the shortest time. However, requires a lot of maintenance
Rotary mower
Small to medium lawns
Uses a single blade to cut medium to long grass, but it has a less precise cut and uneven than a cylinder mower. requires maintenance to ensure the blades are sharp and aren’t clogged


Using an electric mower to mow a wet lawn isn’t a good idea. It’s better to wait till it dries so you can safely mow your lawn without causing any damage to your lawn and mower, and above all ensuring that you’re safe when doing it.


What is the earliest acceptable time to mow?

You can mow your lawn before you leave to work around 6-8 am, but the grass may still be wet with dew, which means you might harm your lawn and annoy your neighbors.

Can you mow grass with morning dew?

Avoid mowing your lawn between early mornings to midday even though there are less heat and humidity. Morning dew can cause clumps and clog your mower.

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