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Best Sprinkler for Small Area

by Jackson White

Until the time that you want to water the grass in your lawn, you will never know of the challenges that come with choosing the right sprinkler. The problem is that some sprinklers might turn out to be too big for your yard thus some of the areas will not get sufficient water to remain green, and others can only work with low pressure; while others don’t come equipped with the range and width control option.

The major challenge when getting a yard sprinkler is when you have to consider the size and shape of the yard, and that is why on many occasions you find that some of the areas dry up or don’t attain full coverage because of the lack of sufficient water. Despite the above, there are many sprinklers in the market that can efficiently suffice both the small and big yards. But in this excerpt, we will specifically focus on the best sprinklers to use in small areas.

Comparison Table for the Best Sprinkler For Small Area

Best Sprinkler For Small Area
Best for
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Orbit Impact Sprinkler
Large area coverage up to 5, 670 square ft
From partial section to full 360° watering
Patio, lawns, and gardens
Melnor Multi-Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler on a Spike
Covers the garden up to 30ft,
Adjusts water density range
The best slim water-saving sprinkler
Dramm Metal Base, Green 15024 ColorStorm 9-Pattern Turret Sprinkler
Large circle covers 300sq ft, outer ring sprinkler covers 525 sq ft, small circle covers 26ft and half-circle covers 26ft
Adjustable size and shape water patterns
Best value for money
Gardena 1951 Small Area Garden Spray Sprinkler
Offers up to 1000sq foot max coverage
Not adjustable
Best budget sprinkler
Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Lawn Sprinkler
Covers gardens and lawns of up to 4, 200 sq. ft.
Equipped with twin touch adust controls
Best sprinkler for the newly seeded lawn
Melnor Multi-Adjustable Sprinklers
Covers up to 1,800 sq ft.
Equipped with three multi-adjustable sprinklers
The best attractive and customizable sprinkler
SYOOY Metal Circular Spot Sprinkler 360 Degree Sprinkler
Covers up to 31.5 in radius
Not adjustable
The best sprinkler for small and medium areas

Orbit Impact Sprinkler– The best small area sprinkler for Patios, lawns, and gardens

While the Orbit impact sprinkler can conveniently supply water to all the areas of your small yard it is also customizable and lawn owners can, therefore, change the spray distance radius from 20 to 42 feet using the diffuser screw and the deflector shield.

The sprinkler also boasts of offering the best coverage and you can, therefore, adjust the coverage from a partial section to full 360° watering. The above, ensure that all the areas of your lawn get enough water from the areas close to the sprinkler to the far end areas close to the fence or the walking path.

Even better is that the small area sprinkler, doubles up as a large area sprinkler, because it can conveniently cover up to 85 ft in diameter, and up to 5, 670 square feet when it is set to sprinkle at a full circle. So whichever shape your lawn is, you can be sure that the orbit impact sprinkler will suffice.

And what about the shelf life of this highly effective sprinkler, well you can expect a long term service thanks to the quality zinc material used in its construction, which in the construction circles it is known to keep away corrosion.


  • The zinc material used in the construction of the sprinkler does not encourage corrosion
  • The incorporated flow-through design is resistant to clogs
  • The sprinkler offers an adjustable spray coverage
  • The sprinkler also offers a large area coverage
  • The unit is equipped with customizable settings


  • The spring-loaded arm does not work
  • Over time the sprinkler is not able to rotate


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Melnor Multi-Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler on a Spike – The best slim, water-saving sprinkler

Rather than using metal in making the Melnor multi-adjustable lawn sprinkler, the unit features a durable plastic material, which we must say is a welcome option for many yard owners. So why did this sprinkler make it to our number 2, well because it is customizable and will, therefore, provide you with water where you need it.

For small areas simply set the angle to 5 degrees, and 360 degrees if you wish to water a circle, and that is not all because with this unit you will be able to also water, gardens spanning up to 9 meters, complete with a residential water pressure of about 9 PSI.

And did we mention that it is a water-saving sprinkler, yes we did and the reason for this is because the unit can be tweaked to reduce water density and range thus less water goes to waste but at the same time your lawn grass gets the sufficient water that it needs for growth.


  • Helps save water, by only providing the needed water
  • Features a high-quality durable plastic that is additionally rust-free
  • Uses can customize the sprinkler to water a small area or a path
  • Comes backed by a solid 2-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • The sprinkler can also be customized to water plants that are far away


  • The tops are not as sturdy and will, therefore, fall away
  • Does not provide enough water for the plants that are close to the sprinkler


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Dramm Metal Base, Green 15024 ColorStorm 9-Pattern Turret Sprinkler– best sprinkler for a small area that offers great value for money

Dramm is known for manufacturing high-quality sprinklers and to prove its confidence with the Dramm metal base sprinkler, users have been slapped with a lifetime guarantee. So some of its best features are that the units are available in different colors, so if you are hosting a cosmetic lawn no need for the shiny metal in the middle just choose between the six different vibrant colors, one that even matches with the plants in your garden and have it installed.

As regards functionality, lawn owners will be presented with up to 9 different patterns, and to access any of the above, just twist the pattern dial and water any area of any shape or size. The above includes the narrow small lawns or the small round lawns, even better is that any pattern lawn will benefit from this sprinkler.

The different patterns are painfully accurate in that water will be supplied exactly where you want it meaning overspray and out of pattern watering, which wastes water has been obliterated. Given its flat-like shape, this unit when not working can be stepped on easily, but that should not worry you because it is made from heavy duty metal complete with engineered reinforced ribs, meant to stand years of abuse in the lawn from being stepped on to working with high pressure.


  • The sprinkler can be removed and stored when not in use
  • Comes in different interesting and vibrant colors
  • Offers up to 9 different selectable patterns meant to cater to different designs small lawns
  • provides accurate water patterns
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • The hose hook up lacks threads
  • Water is not distributed evenly thus poor coverage


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Gardena 1951 Small Area Spray Sprinkler – The best budget sprinkler

Gardena understands that not everyone has the large flowerbeds or lawns to sprinkle and will, therefore, need a small unit that can get the job done efficiently. The Gardena 1951 small area garden spray is pretty straight forward when it comes to use, and being fairly priced. The sprinkler will, therefore, come effective for the owners of small gardens, the raised vegetable beds, and flower beds.


To use it just mount it on a stake and then press it into the ground and in the area that you need to be watered, ensure that it is connected to a source of water then proceed to turn it on. The unit offers up to 1000sq foot maximum coverage and for spraying, you will get up to 36-foot max diameter spray.


  • Gardena is a budget-friendly sprinkler
  • Easy to use
  • Effectively covers the small area that needs sprinkling
  • Offers up to 36-foot diameter spray
  • Best for small areas such as flower/vegetable beds and the front gardens


  • Not convenient for long term use
  • The quick connector breaks with a few uses


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Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Lawn Sprinkler– Best sprinkler for the newly seeded lawn

The Melnor Xt4200m XT is a state of the art sprinkler, which is quite unique when it comes to operation. The unit is operated by the zoom controls which will cover the watering areas. If you, therefore, want to water a small patch all you need to do is to zoom in, and to cover a large section, just zoom out, the above option is used on areas that do not need high-pressure watering.

What we are noticing however is that there are so many controls in this unit which could actually work against the sprinkler because some users want a straight forward and easy to operate sprinkler. Other features equipped with this unit are the twin touch controls, necessary for adjusting the width and range of the watering pattern.

The above allows the user to either cover a narrow flower bed or the whole yard. In addition to the above is the infinity turbo drive, which allows even watering and extended life. And to successfully achieve the above, users have been provided with up to 20 precision nozzles, which ensure efficient supply of water for up to 4,200 sq. ft.


  • Versatile sprinkler for different types of vegetation including seedlings
  • The 20 spray nozzles offer sufficient coverage
  • Water can be adjusted to suit the application
  • The width, flow, and range of watering can be customized
  • The controls are easy to use


  • The unit breaks with few uses
  • The plastic tab in the middle is not durable


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Melnor Multi-Adjustable Sprinklers and Garden Hoses Kit, – The Best attractive and customizable small area sprinkler

There is nothing basic about the Melnor multi-adjustable sprinklers as they tend to attract and retain the attention or your guests among other road users. The differently colored beautifull sprinklers come with some interesting features, for one they will offer coverage of up to 1,800 sq. ft. and before, purchasing you might want to know that it is quite efficient when watering the flowerbeds and the vegetable gardens, which don’t require too much pressure.

The sprinkler is fully customizable and you can, therefore, adjust the water flow, density, and direction, users can also customize the range, to ensure that specific areas of their lawns are watered without wasting too much water. The sprinkler comes in a set of three, thus gives you the freedom of spacing and placement to cover the relevant area.


  • Best for flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and lawns
  • Offers a cheap solution for the raised beds
  • Comes equipped with interesting spray patterns
  • The design is not only attractive but beautiful
  • Easy to use and operate


  • The spray pattern is not very convenient
  • The plastic petals are not durable


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SYOOY Metal Circular Spot Sprinkler 360 Degree Sprinkler– The best sprinkler for medium and small area

The Syooy metal circular spot sprinkler is made of heavy-duty metal material that offers stability and long life. The unit can, therefore, be exposed out in the rain without succumbing to corrosion, its applications are wide, spanning from commercial to private, meaning that it will be perfect for the small lawns, and for the large irrigation farms.

The unit is simple to use and offers a circle spray pattern with zero leakage thus saves on water. Syooy is a low-pressure sprinkler good for areas that don’t require high-pressure sprinkling such as the gardens.


  • Made with durable and strong heavy-duty material
  • Can be used for many application such as agricultural irrigation, garden spraying, and roof cooling among others
  • Sprays water evenly
  • The sprinkler is easy to use and features a water-saving design
  • Works perfectly in the small rectangular lawns


  • Not convenient for freezing weather
  • Works best with low water pressure


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Tips for buying the best sprinkler for small Area

Getting the perfect sprinkler for a small lawn has to be the toughest decision you will ever have to make when it comes to achieving the overall cosmetic look. So below are some quick features that you should be looking for when purchasing a small area sprinkler. For one, the sprinkler should be adjustable, thus able to water partial sections to full watering where it will cover the other extended parts of the lawn.

An adjustable sprinkler allows you to water areas close to the sprinkler, and the remaining area up to the end of the lawn. Also check on the distance that your sprinkler covers, as it should fit the exact size of your lawn or garden.

Consider the type of vegetation to the functionality of the sprinkler, if you are watering seedlings then the sprinkler should offer low pressure, other vegetations that demand high pressure or are far away and therefore, demand a long range sprinkler should be well sufficed so that the water can penetrate to the soil.

Also consider the build quality of the sprinkler, for one it should be rust free, and the material used in the construction durable. Also, consider the aesthetics; if this is something that is going to permanently sit on your lawn then it should incorporate some attractive colors and design.

The unit should be easy to operate, some sprinklers feature too many adjustments, in that getting the relevant water speed or range becomes a problem. Lastly, work with your budget, cheaply priced does not mean that the product is faulty but rather it can be used for simple applications. So if you want a powerful sprinkler also consider the application and budget wisely.


Now you know that there is more than just walking into a store and walking out with a sprinkler, there are so many types of sprinklers and for different categories of users. So before settling with a specific type of sprinkler find out its application, where is it best suited to be used, and what applications can it effectively cover.

Some of the sprinkler types in the market are the gear driven sprinklers, and the impact sprinklers, we then have the stream sprinklers which spray rotating streams of water, and the fixed spray sprinklers which spray a pattern of streaming water that does not move. There are many other types of sprinklers that might be relevant to your type of lawn just ensure to find the one that will best suite your lawn type.

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