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Best Orchid Fertilizers

by Jackson White

Orchids are a symbol of elegance and luxury, and in some cultures, they are considered medicinal, while others regard it as a symbol of love.

The Orchid is a flowering plant that reigns from a diverse family of attractive and interestingly colorful flowering plants, Orchidaceae are fragrant. They are considered as symbols of love because they grow rather fast, but in moist conditions, and can astonishingly survive for many years at least up to about 100years, almost surpassing man’s current shelf life.

What’s more is that if you take proper care of your orchid, like maybe use 10-10-10 fertilizer every two to four weeks, this beautiful plant can be immortal; surprised well, as we grow from infancy to adulthood then old age and eventually death, the orchid is one of the favored plants that doesn’t go through this processes and once grown and with good care, it can live past the 100years.

So how do we ensure that this family heirloom achieves its 100 years or more, the below excerpt has consolidated the best orchid fertilizers, which will help ensure that the plant continuously blooms in the many years to come. Important to note is that whichever fertilizer you choose to use it should not contain urea and if it does, then it has to be very little.

Comparison Table for the Best Orchid Fertilizers

Best Orchid Fertilizers
Best for
Types of plants to use
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EarthPods Premium Orchid Plant Food – Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes – 100 Capsules
Best for indoor and outdoor use
Dendrobium, Bromeliads, Tillandsias, Orchids, Vanda and epiphyte plants Cattleya, Oncidium, Cymbidium, Miltonia,
Small plants apply 1-2 earthpods, medium plants, 2-4 earthpods, and large plants 4-8 earthpods
Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, 8 oz.
Best for rich leaf color and strong roots
Orchids and acid the acid-loving plants
Every two weeks during active growth and every four weeks on the rest periods
Espoma Company ORPF8 Organic Orchid Plant Food
Best for re-potting
Good for Orchids and bromeliads
Pre-soak the fertilizer for 24 hours, and water at least once a month
Orchid Food by Perfect Plants - Resealable 5oz. Bag
Best value for money
Good for orchids
Sprinkle ¼ spoon size fertilizer per 2-inch diameter pot size
SMEREKA Orchid Food Fertilizer Slow Release (6 Month) Fertilizer
Best for increasing the size and color of flowers
Best for use on Orchids
Apply once for half a year
Orchid Fertilizer | Food | Encourages Orchids to Grow in Pot/Pots
Best for the orchids grown in pots
Vanda, Moth, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Zygopetalum, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Livilan, bat plants and neofinetia
Mix one teaspoon of the fertilizer with 2 cups of water
Grow More 5121 All-Purpose Premium Orchid Fertilizer
Best for the slab mounted epiphytic orchids
Dendrobiums, cattleyas, and the different varieties of orchids

EarthPods Premium Orchid Plant Food – Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes – 100 Capsules– Best for indoor and outdoor use

The earthpods premium orchid plant food comes packed in a decorated container containing about 100 capsules, and users have the option of choosing between the two relevant methods of application. The first one being to insert the capsule into the soil, or opening the capsule and pouring the contents out into the substrate or around the roots.

The premium orchid fertilizer helps stimulate root growth; they boost the flowers bloom and encourage leaf development in a variety of the live flowering plants, such as the Tillandsias, the orchids, the Bromeliads among other flowering plants. Application is super easy because you don’t need to measure just insert one capsule, then pour in some water and the nutrients will be released slowly into the soil.

The fertilizer is equipped with varying levels of organic plant nutrients, soil life, trace minerals, and humates in a form.


  • Incorporated the natural plant nutrients
  • Application is super easy
  • The unit is eco sustainably made
  • Can be used on different flowering plants
  • Encourages growth multiplication and blooming


  • Not convenient for other types of plants
  • There are no directions for use on the packaging container


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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, 8 oz- best for rich leaf color and strong roots

The Miracle-Gro orchid food is to be dissolved in water before use, and has different applications and can, therefore, be used for both the outdoor and indoor plants. Now the best thing about this fertilizer is that you will be watering your plants as you feed them. So for the indoor plants, you will mix ¼ teaspoon of the fertilizer in a gallon of water, and for the outdoor plants, just add 1 tablespoon in a gallon of water.

The contents together with the water are poured onto the soil and not on the plant itself, but the plants are to be watered early in the day, so as you water the plant ensure that water runs through the soil. Be keen to maintain the frequency of application which is two weeks during active growth and after every4 weeks on the rest periods, to enhance the orchid’s shelf life and to help build strong roots.

Don’t use very cold water with the fertilizer, so slightly warm water or water that is within the room temperature will suffice,


  • Encourages strong root development of the orchid plant
  • Easy to use
  • The plants get double benefits as they are fed and watered at the same time
  • The effects of the fertilizer are seen in less time
  • Great product offers value for money


  • Too much accidental use might kill the orchid
  • Does not incorporate with the measuring spoon thus feeding one plant is hectic


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Espoma Company ORPF8 Organic Orchid Plant Food– best for re-potting

If you are still learning how to properly take care of your orchid plant then it might interest you to know that the flowering plants are usually re-potted once a year, and it is for this reason that you will need the Espoma organic orchid plant food. So when do you know that it is time to repot your plant, once you decide to adopt the orchid plant, you will have to be very observant on how it behaves.

The above goes for the foliage, as they might turn yellow, others will stop growing, and some will even die, or exhibit damage on the roots. Some orchids will even start growing over the edge of the pots, so with regards to the above, the best time to repot would be when the plant has just flowered or the moment you notice new growth.

And for effectiveness, you have to know how to use the fertilizer, so for the Espoma organic, you will have to soak it for at least 24 hours and then allow it to drain. Then follows the transplant process where you will remove the orchid from its current container, get rid of the dead roots, and trim the active roots to about 6 inches in length.

On a new container, you will fill it to one-third full with the orchid mix and then proceed to position the single stem plants in the middle of the container. The multi-stem plants can be positioned against the walls of the pot, but you might have to stake the plants up until they are established then add some of the mix to cover the roots, and then proceed to fill the pot to ½ inch below the rim, water generously.

While going on with the above, ensure to water your orchids at least once every month, and if you are interested in seeing your plant bloom ensure that it is sufficiently exposed to light, feed the plant with the Espoma organic orchid, and ensure that the area is humid complete with good air circulation


  • Works well on orchids and violets
  • Comes pre-measured thus easy to use
  • The flowering plants get lots of blooms
  • Offers value for money
  • Comes equipped with the relevant instructions and dosage


  • Does not smell very good
  • The fertilizer is not organically grown or produced


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Orchid Food by Perfect Plants – Resealable 5oz. Bag– offers the best value for money

Orchid food by perfect plants is a higher performer given its ability to nourish the soil for up to 6 months with just one application. The fertilizer is in the form of pellets, and unlike the liquid fertilizer, application is only once and your soil will be filled with the relevant nutrients meant to enhance growth. The pellets are considered a good option because they help distribute the nutrients evenly on the soil, thus provide for more than one orchid.

Use is pretty simple, so what you will do is sprinkle about ¼ spoon of fertilizer, per 2-inch diameter post size, ensure that the pellets have been evenly distributed in the container, and water generously immediately after the application. The results for the above are some pretty healthy petals, with some rather intense colors, the stems will be enhanced thus become sturdy and the roots will grow exponentially establishing the plant deeper into the soil.

For you to achieve the above, ensure that you get a container with drain holes, fill the container halfway, then carefully place the orchid into the container without damaging the stem, root, or petals. Fill the remaining space with the potting mix and ensure that you are not suffocating the roots.


  • Enhances the overall growth of the orchid plant
  • Can be watered once a week with a spray bottle
  • Applying the pellets is a breeze
  • The pellets have been configured to enrich the soil for up to six months
  • The application covers more than one orchid


  • Does not work great with a pot that has holes


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SMEREKA Orchid Food Fertilizer Slow Release (6 Month) Fertilizer– Best for increasing the size and color of flower

Smereka relieves the burden of constantly checking the orchids for fertilizer top-ups, it also relieves you from the forgetful bug, such that when you remember to apply the fertilizer it is too late and the flowers are on the verge of dying. The fertilizer granules are easy to use given that the application is only once in six months.

Smereka Orchid food fertilizer offers flower owners an easy and controlled form of nutrition provision, for an extended period of six months. Within this period the orchid plant will undergo a period of active flowering, and if you are keen enough, you will notice that the color of the flowers will have become intense and the plant increased in size.

The fertilizer is packed in a re-sealable airtight bag, given that you will only use it twice, besides the manufacturer has been kind enough to provide its clients with the perfect storage until the next use.


  • Enhances the plant size
  • The color of the flowers becomes intense
  • Gives life to the weak orchid plant
  • Encourages the growth of new stable roots
  • Application is only twice a year and the plant will benefit from a sustained dose of nutrients for half a year.


  • Works best with a transfer flower pot


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Orchid Fertilizer | Food | Encourages Orchids to Grow in Pot/Pots– Best for the orchids grown in pots

If you have planted orchids and are having a hard time keeping them alive, then it is time for you to use the orchid fertilizer food which is equipped with all the natural ingredients, a gentle formulation that will provide the necessary nutrients for your orchids to regain back their vibrancy.

The formulation has been designed to specifically target the leaves, roots, stems, and flowers of your orchid plant and encourage their growth. The formulation is organic and will infuse a dose of nitrogen to the green leaves, allowing the plants leaves to remain vibrant in all seasons. Orchid fertilizer is formulated with phosphorus, which is known to encourage the growth of strong roots and at the same time repairs root rot.

Remember that orchids are very sensitive flowering plants and need proper tender love and care, so apart from the regular sun, water, and air, a little potassium from the orchid fertilizer will help the plant develop strong stems and consequently produce beautiful and colorful flowers.


  • Orchids experience improved growth after application
  • Enables the formation of new buds
  • The fertilizer is good for regular use
  • The formulation is easy to use
  • Help keep orchids alive and healthy


  • Price a bit too high for the small container


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Grow More 5121 All-Purpose Premium Orchid Fertilizer– best for the slab mounted epiphytic orchids

Grow more is the type of fertilizer used after every two weeks for the best results; the fertilizer works great on the orchids that are grown outside. The Orchid food easily dissolves in water, and within little time of use, you will notice that the leaves are increasing in size, followed by new blooming buds. The fertilizer acts quickly and just after two applications, you should be able to see significant changes.

The fertilizer also works well with other plants such as the peace lilies, the African violets, and the snake plant.


  • The fertilizer is versatile and can, therefore, be used with other plants
  • Gives faster results with the second application


  • Can only be used with soft water


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Best tips for orchid care

Like any other plant, orchids require a lot of attention and care, especially when it comes to the constitution of the fertilizer that you use on the plant and the positioning with regards to natural light. For proper growth, orchids will have to be watered at least once every week, be careful not to overwater the plants as it will easily encourage root rot.

If you are planning to grow the orchid indoors then you will have to position it close to the windows where the sun can penetrate easily and reach the plant. For food and nutrients, you will have to get a fertilizer that has been specially formulated for use by orchids, like the ones discussed in this excerpt. Lastly, when you notice that your orchids are not blooming then it is high time for you to re-pot them, where you will have to use a fresh orchid mix.

How to fertilize your orchids

While different formulations have directions on how to apply the fertilizer, it is recommended that you fertilize your orchids at least once every month, but after the dropping of its blooms. So some basic information that will get you started in achieving a full bloom from your orchids is that you should ensure that the fertilizer that you use contains equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Orchid fertilizer is usually used at half strength and you should, therefore, mix it with an equal amount of water before application.


Orchids are very attractive plants and symbolize affluence, having one blooming naturally in your environment only goes to show how responsible one is, to be able to care for such a sensitive and exotic plant. So some of the basic things that you must ensure are in place when planting the orchid plant is that the soil is fast draining, ensure that the plant is grown at the right temperature, with the proper lighting, use the right fertilizer, and don’t forget to prune the dried stem and re-pot.

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