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Best Gas String Trimmer

by Jackson White

Apart from keeping pests in check, grass trimming encourages deep root growth, while increasing turfgrass density.

In overall mowing helps create a healthy and a cosmetically appealing yard or lawn. For the above there are numerous equipment that can be employed to help achieve the perfect shave and by this we mean even in the hard to reach areas such as around the trees, the annoying tall weeds and grass poking up close to the fence, and the shaggy grass that lurks on the edges of the walkways.

Unkempt lawns will attract all manner of insects to your home, most of which are killer disease-causing like malaria from mosquitoes that are in the habit of making a dwelling out of any unkempt tall grass. Rats also hide in grass, and worse still is that they will end up digging holes and make way for easy access into your home, then we have the snakes, which apart from camouflaging in tall grass, they love to chase rats in the holes that they have burrowed and will consequently end up inside your home.

So no matter how much we love nature the above situation is not welcome the reason we consolidated some of the best Gas String Trimmers, which will help you achieve the perfect lawn look that you have always wanted, with minimal effort. Gas string trimmers come in different types and among the most powerful unit is the two-cycle gasoline engine, which uses a mixture of gas and oil. Let us, therefore, explore the features and functionalities of the various Gas String Trimmers.

Comparison Table for the Best Gas String Trimmer

Best Gas String Trimmer
Best for
Engine type
Cutting width
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Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18" Gas String Trimmer
The best commercial-grade trimmer for landowners and landscapers
18.1 inches
Troy-Bilt TB525 EC 29cc 17-Inch
Best value gas trimmer
17 inches
Remington RM2510 Rustler Shaft Gas String Trimmer
Best gas trimmer for tall grass and weeds
25ccgas-powered engine cycle
16 inches
Wild Badger Power WBP26BCI 26cc Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer
Best gas trimmer for the most coverage but in less time
25cc 2-cycle engine
095 inches
Husqvarna 128LD 17" Cutting Path Detachable
The best multipurpose string trimmer
28cc 2-cycle engine
17-inch cutting path
Hitachi CG23ECPSL 22.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer
Best for large yards without fatigue
22.5 cc PureFire engine
4-inch tap n go trimmer

Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18″ Gas String Trimmer– The best commercial-grade trimmers for landowners and landscapers

Husqvarna 324L gas string trimmer model is among the easiest to operate because all features have been carefully configured to ensure that users have an easy time. For example, the incorporated air purge feature gets rid of air from the carburetor, and the fuel system, which then ensures that the trimmer starts up easily.

Remember that the hardest thing you will ever do when using the gas trimmer is to start the machine, given that most of them have incorporated the string pull up option. For the Husqvarna 324L model, however, you get to use the smart start feature, which involves the careful configuration of the engine and starter, which helps the machine to start with little effort.

The heavy-duty twin line cutting system enables a quick line feed, and all you need to do is tap and you are good to go. And when it comes to power the unit uses gas, which makes refueling easy because it specifically depends on gasoline to run. The string trimmer is additionally equipped with a translucent tank, which will give you an idea of how much area you can cover, or whether you need to refill.


  • The gas string trimmer is portable, easy to carry to the location
  • Can be used for both private and commercial purposes
  • The cutter is very fast and efficient when it comes to cutting grass
  • The bump head works flawlessly
  • It is easy to start
  • Works great in areas with heavy weeds


  • The gas trimmer is noisy
  • The line holder comes off frequently


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Troy-Bilt TB525 EC 29cc 17-Inch – Best value gas trimmer

Coming in second is the Troy Bilt TB525 that has incorporated a 13inch cutting swath thus offers users the best trimming efficiency. The unit is versatile thanks to the attachment cable design, which enables the trimmer engine to power 10 different Trimmer plus attachments. With this unit, you can also forget about oil and gas mixing given the incorporation of the not only powerful but compact 4 cycle engine.

Operating the Troy Bilt TB525 is effortless, to which end it has been equipped with a spring assist feature so that users can use less effort when pulling, therefore, a slow and steady pull will have the unit up and ready to feed on grass.

Line replacement has also been simplified by the incorporated Speed Spool 2, and when compared to some of the gas trimmers Troy Bilt is a little bit different because it comes with a jump-start capable, however, the electric cable with jump-start is bought as a separate unit. A closer look at the shaft will reveal a curve shape design that enables balancing of the trimmer thus exposes the user to a direct view of the cutting line.


  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • No fuel mixing as it uses gas only
  • The trimmer is attachment compatible
  • The incorporated 29cc 4-cycle engine offers high torque thus delivers the constant power to help get the job done
  • The gas trimmer is less expensive and runs easy


  • Cannot start without the electric starter
  • Problems when working the spool


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Remington RM2510 Rustler Shaft Gas String Trimmer– the best gas trimmer for tall grass and weeds

The Remington Rm2510 has been equipped with the relevant trimmers to keep the stubborn grass around trees, on the pathways, and the notorious weeds along the fence in check. The unit’s powerful 25cc-2 cycle engine has been configured to handle trimming and the hedging needs. What’s more is that the curved shaft, allows the users to work on expansive grounds for extended hours as it offers the much-needed comfort during use.

At the bottom end of the gas trimmer, you will notice that the cutting swath has been extended, the above is so that it can trim wider sections of tall grass in the least time possible. Users can also easily extend their trimmer line, via an interesting process where you will simply squeeze the trigger and proceed to bump the head on the ground to extend the new trimmer line. For the perfect finish, the gas string trimmer is best used in the small and medium-sized yards.


  • The trimmer is fairly priced and highly effective
  • Easy to start and trims grass faster
  • The trimmer is light in weight but powerful
  • Works great in both the medium and heavy yards
  • Comes slapped with a 2-year limited warranty


  • The trimmer overheats and then stops
  • Not convenient for long term use


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Power WBP26BCI 26cc Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer– offers the most coverage in less time

If you are planning to use this trimmer for jobs other than trimming and edging then it will not suffice because the 25cc-2 cycle engine has been incorporated to specifically handle trimming and edging. Operating the trimmer is super easy given the incorporated QuickStart technology which makes pull start a lot easier.

Users will also get to interact with the balanced curved shaft, which then makes the Power WBP26BCI easy to use for extended periods. The unit is effective for both commercial and private use and has incorporated the innovative auto on kill switch complete with a soft grip handle that requires little or no effort when being used.

The trimmer is exclusively gas-powered and the included 2 stroke engine provides the relevant power to run its operations. Other important features that you must know of before using the unit are such as the primer bulb, which helps to get fuel into the carburetor for easy starting of the gas trimmer and to prevent users from disturbing their neighbors, the unit has been equipped with a muffler, a feature that helps cut down on the engine noise.


  • Replacing the line on the spool is fast and easy
  • Connection to other attachments is easy and even locks them tight
  • Offers great value for the price
  • Users get up to 3 years warranty for commercial use
  • The incorporated muffler helps in noise reduction


  • Not the best trimmer for the long term
  • Using the trimmer involves a steep learning curve


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Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachable– The best multipurpose string trimmer

The Husqvarna 128LD model is equipped with a detachable shaft which makes transportation and storage a breeze, the professional trimmer is light in weight, equipped with a 28cc-2 cycle engine, necessary for powering the 17inch cutting trimmer head. On the side, you will find a translucent fuel tank, which ensures that you don’t run out of power mid-job.

Additionally, the incorporated wire cable drive is not only strong but braided which then makes handling hard work a breeze. And with the inclusion of the air purge primer bulb, users can easily and conveniently remove unwanted air from the carburetor and the fuel system. The Husqvarna 128LD gas string trimmer can be used with other optional attachments such as the edger, which is used to keep the lawns, flower beds, and pathways looking great.

You can also use it with a cultivator thus till the small areas of your yard such as the flower beds or beneath the trees. Lastly, you could also attach the pole saw, which will help you reach areas that were initially hard to access.


  • The Husqvarna gas string trimmer easily gets through thick grass
  • Accepts different brands attachments
  • The trimmer is light and does not stall during use
  • Covers a large area in less time
  • Equipped with a three-position choke system, one that is used to start the unit, another one for warming up, and the last one for its operation
  • The trimmer is additionally powerful and responsive to throttle position


  • The straight shaft is not convenient for use by most users
  • The maintenance process is hectic and the unit requires too much tweaking


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Hitachi CG23ECPSL 22.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer– Best for use with large yards and comes with minimal fatigue

The Hitachi CG23ECPSL is one of the gas string trimmers that has been equipped with an anti-vibration system, which means that during use, users will be able to work with the maximum comfort, be highly productive and not suffer fatigue. And still, on the ease of use, the trimmer is exceptionally light in weight, weighing about 10.3lbs; the weight has been well distributed from the top part that includes the engine to the trimmer enabling faster maneuverability and use.

And while most users would prefer to use a trimmer with a curved shaft, the straight shaft incorporated in the Hitachi DG23ECPSL is perfect for individuals who are more inclined on performance, durability, and reliability. Another interesting feature that will see you cover a large trimming area is the 4” tap n Go nylon trimmer head, which will allow users to trim grass for extended periods without worrying about advancing the trimmer line.


  • The cover shield helps protect the fuel tank from wear and tear
  • The Anti-vibration system means less fatigue
  • Can be used for commercial purposes
  • The length of the trimmer is convenient and features the best build quality
  • Its lightweight makes it good for medium-duty applications


  • The trimmer is not reliable for the long haul
  • The guard assembly is defective in some of the trimmers


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Weed Eater W25SBK, 16 in. 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer– The best trimmer for long and wide reach

The weed Eater W25SBK enjoys a rating of 4 out of 5 and weighs a mere 13.8 pounds, which means you can take to any mission and walk around the lawn with it without getting fatigued. The price range is quite budget-friendly and some of the features that you will enjoy are its straight shaft which enables the trimmer to reach far and wide when handling complex lawns with trees and long hedges.

And apart from its lightweight, users also don’t have to burst their brain cells finding convenient storage for the trimmer, simply because it comes equipped with a knockdown coupler, which enables easy assembly and makes storage and use a breeze.

Spool replacement is seamless and will only eat up to 10 seconds of your time, and you will be back to trimming your turf.


  • The trimmer runs great
  • The lightweight makes it easy to move around with
  • Easily handles the hard tasks
  • Best for private or residential use
  • Retails at a decent price and offers more power


  • Cutting cord binds in the head instead of feeding properly
  • There are multiple tiring pulls before the machine is up and running


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Choosing the best string trimmer

If you have a lawn with planted trees and a fence complete with walking paths then it only makes sense if you get a trimmer that will be sufficient for occasional use. For the above, you can, therefore, choose between the electric and the gas trimmers. The latter tend to be simple to start, they are less noisy and with less vibrations.

The gas string trimmers on the other hand tend to be more powerful, and offer the best finish in areas that experience dense turf growth, and will conveniently cover the large yards. What’s more, is that they are mobile and run for a long time.

So here are some of the features that you will be looking out for when getting the gas string trimmer, if you find a unit that is indicated as a 2 cycle engine, then you know that you are going to experience a good balance of power and weight but you will have to put your hand deeper into your pocket because it runs on gasoline and oil.

The four-cycle engines usually run on gasoline, so users won’t have to go through the trouble of mixing gasoline and oil. Check for the spring assist feature in either of the trimmers, as it helps to make it easier for you to power it up. You can also choose between a straight shaft trimmer and a curve shaft depending on your lawn type.

The curve shaft works well in tight areas, while the straight shaft conveniently goes under obstacles, last but not least check if the trimmer is a dual line head because it trims faster.

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