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Best crabgrass killer concentrate – All you need to know about crabgrass weed killer

by Jackson White

If you’ve noticed an unattractive weed-looking grass growing in your lawn, it’s most probably crabgrass that will spread like wildfire in your yard if you don’t do something about it. The best crabgrass killer concentrate will help you get rid of the crabgrass and get your yard under control.

If not checked, crabgrass can completely take over your yard and you’re left to deal with a serious overgrowth problem. You can use a non-selective crabgrass killer, but it will not only kill the crabgrass but also everything in its path this means you’ll have to seed a new lawn. However, if there are only a few areas with crabgrass and the rest of your lawn is still in good shape, you can use a selective herbicide that will only kill the crabgrass and leave the rest of your plants without harming them.

What is crabgrass?

This is an annual grass that grows during spring and summer in areas where there are water, bare soil, and plenty of sunlight. It gets its name from the way it grows, low to the ground with its stems coming from the center of the grass clump which looks like crab legs. It germinates in soil with temps. of between 55-65 degrees F. at 3 inches deep for 5 days. It’s very difficult to control this weed once it grows since one crabgrass weed can produce over 100,000 seeds in one growing season.

Types of crabgrass killers

There are many types of weed killers for crabgrass that’s why you need to understand the differences between these products so that you can know which one to use. However, you don’t need to kill anything to control crabgrass. You just need to establish and maintain a healthy lawn and this will naturally discourage the growth of crabgrass in your lawn. You should also ensure you plant the right turfgrass depending on the soil in your yard, fertilize, dethatch, and aerate properly.

Non-chemical or organic treatment

Crabgrass is an annual weed that’s hard to control you don’t take care of your lawn. It can produce thousands of seeds that will germinate and take control of every bare spot in your lawn. Some of the natural ways you can control it would be to pluck it with your hands after watering the area to loosen the weed roots if it hasn’t spread everywhere. Be patient and pull it gently till you remove it all. The best time to do this would be early spring before the crabgrass releases its seeds. After pulling out the weed don’t put it in a compost pit because the seeds can survive and spread when you mulch.

You can also use corn gluten meal to prevent crabgrass which is a byproduct of cornstarch. It prevents seeds from germinating and also provides your grass with nitrogen which it needs to flourish. However, gluten can also prevent every seed from growing including your grass.

Selective herbicides

These herbicides target a particular weed of type of weeds like broadleaf weeds or grassy weeds and don’t harm the other plants. Most general weed killers are considered to be selective. However, crabgrass is a unique weed because it’s a narrow leaf weed so most week killers aren’t very effective in killing it, but you can get the specific herbicide that is designed to kill crabgrass.

Non-selective herbicides

These are chemicals that will not only kill the weeds but every plant on your lawn. This is especially effective if your lawn is overrun by crabgrass. It’s best to kill everything and reseed a new lawn. You can either use a contact herbicide that will kill all the green tissue it comes into contact with or the systematic herbicide that will invade the entire plant to destroy it from within, including the roots.

Pre-emergent herbicides

Also called weed preventers will stop the seeds from germinating and if applied properly will control the growth of annual weeds. Timing is very important when applying these herbicides which are when the weeds seeds are just about to germinate. They will not be effective if you apply too early before the soil temperature is right. If you live in an area where the crabgrass has a long growing season, you might have to apply the pre-emergent several times during the season to keep your lawn weed-free.

Post-emergent herbicides

These herbicides kill weeds that are present after they germinate from the seed. They’re most effective in killing difficult weeds like crabgrass if you apply when the weeds are young and tender, but for mature weeds, you might need to use multiple applications that can stress your lawn and other surrounding plants. If you have a weedy lawn, you can combine both the pre-and post-emergent herbicides to launch a full attack. While the pre-emergent stops germination the post-emergent kills the existing weeds.

What to consider when buying a crabgrass weed killer

Application method

Most herbicides are either in dry granules or liquid sprays. Using a properly calibrated lawn spreader, you can evenly apply the granules and the leftover stored in a cool, dry place. The pre-and post-emergent herbicides come in granules. The liquid sprays are effective or broadcasting over a large area using a hose or spot treatment in small areas. You should consider the wind direction and speed when spraying so you target the right area. They’re sold in concentrated form or ready to use form.

Edible products nearby

You should buy a product that will not harm your edibles nearby, but to be on the safe side, keep the herbicides away from your edibles. You can look for an herbal product that will keep the food organic and if the product can kill weeds like crabgrass and other weeds, it’s a bonus.

Climatic conditions

The temperatures, either warm or cold, control the targeted type of weed and the effectiveness of the weed killer. Weeds are more susceptible to herbicides when they’re actively growing. Crabgrass seeds germinate in warm temperatures in spring and in summer it matures to produce more seeds until it dies when the cold sets in. One pre-emergent spring application can be enough to kill the crabgrass during the cold season and repeated pre-emergent application throughout the growing season together with post-emergent spot treatment to control the crabgrass if need be.

Product restrictions

If you live in a large estate with lots of open spaces, some of the products you use for killing weeds on your farm and large yards may cause allergies in sensitive people which can’t be used in highly populated places. Before you buy any product that kills the crabgrass, you should check to see if it’s not restricted in your area.

Table for the best crabgrass killer concentrate

Check on Amazon
The organic and non-selective herbicide kills weed to the roots in 24 hours, glyphosate-free
Pre- and post-emergent herbicide, comes with an eyedropper, concentrated formula
Kills weeds to the roots, safe around you lawn, the concentrated formula kills crabgrass and broadleaf weeds
Concentrated formula, safe to use around healthy plants, selective weed control
Non-selective herbicide comes ready to use, rainproof in 10 minutes, kill weeds and grass to the roots
Kills major broadleaf weeds, comes ready to spray, treat up to 5,000 sq. feet, kills weeds to the roots

Green Gobbler vinegar weed and grass killer

This is a fast and effective weed killer with a vinegar-based formula that works to eliminate crabgrass and other types of weeds within a few hours. In less than 24 hours the crabgrass has fully withered without using toxic chemicals. This weed killer is certified for organic use which means you can use it anywhere around your home without worrying about exposing your family and pets to toxic chemicals. The formula is made with natural ingredients including ethanol from corn and it’s glyphosate-free.

This weed killer comes ready-to-use so you don’t need to dilute it and you can use a pump sprayer to spray the weeds and grass on your sidewalk, driveway, flowerbeds, lawns, etc. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not pleased with how it works. As powerful as it is notes that this vinegar weed killer is a non-selective weed killer so you should avoid spraying healthy plants and grass.


  • Fast and effective in 24 hours
  • It’s safe to use in your home
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Made from natural ingredients


  • It’s a non-selective herbicide
  • Less effective when it’s windy or rainy


A very effective and fast-acting herbicide is made with natural ingredients that are safe to use around your home but can harm your other healthy plants.

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Syngenta tenacity turf herbicide

This is a very effective crabgrass herbicide that can kill and fully eliminate crabgrass completely and other invasive weeds both before and after they emerge. This herbicide can be used as a pre- and post-emergent herbicide and its powerful weed control formula will see crabgrass turning gray and dying in just a few days after application. If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals that can affect the grass on your lawn and other nearby plants, you can use this turf herbicide.

It can effectively control actively growing clover, dandelions, ground ivy, and other common weeds. The active ingredient is 40% Mesotrione. Because of its high potency, only spray it when there’s little to no wind and there’s no chance of raining in a few days to avoid over-spraying. Make sure to follow the safety precautions when spraying your lawn.


  • Very effective in killing crabgrass
  • Comes with an eyedropper for precision dilution
  • Can fully eliminate other weeds
  • Easy to apply with a spray tank


  • It’s expensive
  • Not safe around kids and pets


A highly effective herbicide that you can use for both before and after the crabgrass appears on your lawn.

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Ortho weed B Gon plus crabgrass concentrate

This weed killer is designed to kill crabgrass and other 200 varieties of weeds and it won’t harm your grass if you use it properly. It will kill the weeds that have emerged down to the root and you can safely use a sprayer over your entire lawn since it’s a selective herbicide and the best apart is, it’s rainproof after an hour of application. It’s very effective and you can see results after just one application. It has a concentrated formula and a 32-ounce container can spray about 5,000 sq. feet. This weed killer works best as a broadcast application, but you can also use it as a spot treatment. It works the same way a common weed killer would, but without the frustrating way that others kill the healthy plants around.



  • Kills the weeds from the roots
  • It’s only designed to kill crabgrass
  • No runoff in the rain
  • Safe to apply directly on your lawn


  • Needs more than one application for deep-rooted crabgrass
  • Not very effective in poor weather


A weed killer is designed to kill crabgrass without harming other healthy plants around. It’s also a great broadcast application for large yards.

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Ornamec over the top grass herbicide

This is a post-emergent control application that you can use to control the unwanted crabgrass and other weeds growing in your lawn. It can control the spread of over 500 species and varieties of weeds in just 48 hours and completely kill them in 1-3 weeks. To achieve the best results, you should apply it during spring when it’s warm and when temperatures are above 60 degrees. You can directly spray around the base of the plants to control the weeds around, but don’t spray over your edibles. You should also be careful not to use it around family and pets.


  • Can be used to control a wide range of weeds
  • Specifically formulated to control crabgrass
  • Safe to use around healthy plants
  • Produces visible results in 48 hours


  • Not recommended for spot treatment
  • Not safe to use around kids and pets


A selective weed control application that you can use to kill emerging crabgrass and other weeds and is safe to use around other healthy plants.

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Roundup weed and grass killer

This is a popular weed killer that comes ready-to-use so you don’t have to mix anything or use a separate machine to apply it. You can use this weed killer anywhere like your flowerbed, vegetable garden, driveways, walkways, mulched beds, patios, and other places where weeds have invaded. Once you spray it on the leaves, it absorbs through to the roots to ensure the weeds are completely eliminated.

This will ensure the weeds don’t come back for the rest of the season. Once applied, it only takes 10 minutes to dry and it will stay on the weeds even when it rains and in just 3 hours you can see visible results. Depending on the concentration you use, one bottle can treat about 400 sq. feet. To ensure you’re comfortable and you don’t have to bend as you spray, there is an extension wand that comes with the container.


  • Very effective in killing weeds
  • The sprayer is battery operated which makes application easy
  • Comes ready to use
  • You can use it anywhere


  • The sprayer wand gets clogged
  • Mostly works if you spray the leaves


A very effective weed killer that you can use anywhere and it will give you results in just 3 hours of application. It also comes with a sprayer wand to help in easy application.

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Ortho weedclear lawn weed killer

This is a lawn weed killer that you can use to kill crabgrass and other weeds growing on your lawn. It’s made with a fast-acting formula to kill weeds to the root without harming your lawn with just one application. This weed killer comes with a ready to spray applicator which makes it easy to use as you just need to connect your garden hose to the sprayer and turn on the water. The best time to achieve the optimum results would be in spring and fall when the weeds are still young and growing. It has a quick-dry formula which makes it safe for your kids and pets to play on the lawn after application. However, it’s safer to wait about 24 hours after applying a weed killer.


  • Kills the weeds up to their roots
  • Can eliminate more than 200 broadleaf weeds
  • Doesn’t harm your lawn
  • Comes ready to spray


  • Might need multiple applications


A very effective broadleaf weed application that will not only kill crabgrass but also other broadleaf weeds on your lawn without harming it.

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Having a healthy, green lawn is the joy of every homeowner, but it’s important to use the right products when it comes to controlling weeds and the best crabgrass killer concentrate will keep out invading crabgrass. The Green Gobbler vinegar weed and grass killer is an effective and safe weed killer to use on your lawn because it’s made with natural ingredients so it will not harm your lawn and it’s safe to use around your kids and pets.

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