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Best 4 Stroke Weed Eaters

by Jackson White

The 4 Stroke weed eaters are primarily powered by gasoline, and the technique, with which the four-stroke, uses to create power can be referred to as suck, squeeze, bang, and blow. In more formal terms the technique involves power, exhaust, intake, and compression.

If we are to take a trip down memory lane, you will remember that mowing was quite a noisy affair and the activity was dedicated to Saturday mornings and the Sunday afternoons. Overtime innovation has done as a good deal and all we are being met with are the beautifully manicured lawns, with well-trimmed grass and hedges.

So, for as much as we would like to give all the credit to the landscapers, the innovative trimming machines are the ultimate performers. To which end there are different types and brands of the 4 stroke weed eaters, which consequently makes choosing the best a daunting task. The 4 stroke weed eater is therefore, an advanced version of the 2 stroke.

And if you therefore, haven’t had the chance to interact with the two-cycle engine then you must know that it produces a lot of exhaust and it is very noisy. The four-cycle, on the other hand, has incorporated a crankcase, is quite and comes complete with an oil distribution system that works to separate oil from gasoline, to help in the lubrication of the parts of the engine that are moving.

Comparison Table for the best 4 Stroke Weed Eaters

Best 4 Stroke Weed Eaters
Best for
Cutting Inch
Engine capacity
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Makita String Trimmer 25.4CC 4-Stroke
Best for the money
17 inches
25.4cc 4- stroke
Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc weed eater
Best low budget trimmer
17 inches
29cc 4 cycle
Honda HHT25SLTAT Honda Trimmer
Best for increased durability and superior shock absorption
17 inches
25cc Mini 4-stroke engine
Poulan Pro PR28SD, 17 in. 28cc 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer
Best for use with other relevant attachments
16 inches
28cc 2-cycle
Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18" Gas String Trimmer
Best for use by landscapers and landowners
18 inches
25cc- 4 cycle
PowerSmart PS 4531 31cc 4 Stroke Gas String trimmer
Best for use on heavy vegetation
10 inches
31cc-4 stroke engine
Craftsman WS405 4-Cycle 17-Inch Gas-Powered String Trimmer
Best for extensive trimming
17 inches
30cc 4-cycle gas engine
Renewed - Ryobi RY34420 30cc four-cycle Gas Powered Trimmer
Best for the cosmetic lawns
17-inch cutting swath
30cc 4-cycle gas trimmer

Makita String Trimmer 25.4CC 4-Stroke– best for the money

The Makita String Trimmer has been equipped with a commercial duty engine perfect for feeding on the weeds that have grown in the hedges and the thick turf. The incorporated steel drive shaft reduces the trimmer’s vibration while enhancing the unit’s overall shelf life; the high performing trimmer has been configured to conserve fuel.

Even better is that the lubrication system is a multi-position, meaning that whichever angle that you incline the engine, operations are not going to be altered. Maintenance of the trimmer is easy because almost all the important features have been made easily accessible and easy to operate even for the new users. For example, if you take a look at the heavy-duty dual-stage air filter, it has incorporated some rather large sealing areas, which are not only replaceable but easy to access.

Oil filling has also been simplified with the oil filling port and the drain plug made easily accessible, the above comes complete with an oil level view window, thus users can easily check and replace their oil.


  • No fuel mix required
  • The trimmer is easy to operate
  • Effectively plows through tough turf with minimal noise
  • The trimmer is highly productive when used for commercial purposes
  • The weight is decent while remaining powerful


  • Not convenient for the long haul
  • The trimmer is highly-priced


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Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc weed eater – Best low budget trimmer

The best feature of the Troy Bilt TB575 is its straight shaft design which ensures that users can easily trim the areas under the bushes and shrubs. And for efficiency when handling different qualities of turf, you have been provided with a 17” cutting swath designed to ensure that you achieve efficiency, no matter the type of grass that you are trimming.

The trimmer is highly versatile and you can, therefore, use it with other attachments; the trimmer can thus be converted into a pole saw, a blower, a cultivator, or an edger, and with the above option users, will be able to tackle varied outdoor tasks by just using one machine. Important to note however is that those attachments are sold separately.


  • The dual bump head allows easy string loading
  • The straight shaft design enables a neat trim around obstacles
  • Starting the trimmer is super easy
  • The trimmer is a multi-tool operator and can, therefore, suffice for other yard operations
  • Assembling the unit is pretty easy


  • String feed out is not seamless
  • The trimmer experiences difficulties running over the 1.5 choke setting


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Honda HHT25SLTAT Honda Trimmer– Best for increased durability and superior shock absorption

At a minimal weight of 14pounds, the Honda HHT25SLTAT is powered by the regular gas, so you can forget about the hustle of mixing gas. The unit additionally offers a slow low-end toque, which is an added advantage to the users because they will be able to perform a lot of tasks at partial throttle, a feature that inadvertently increases fuel efficiency.

The trimmer will also take on the heavy brush and thick turf without compromising on its functionality features. what ‘s more is that the 17” semi-Matic bump feed head, complete with the ultra-quiet line enables the machine to work while producing less noise; the unit does not burn oil, so you can be sure that your operations will not pollute the environment with fumes.

Storage of the trimmers can at times be difficult, for the Honda HHT25SLTAT however, you can worry less because the 360° inclinable engine can be used in any position and that also goes for the storage.


  • The ergonomically designed handles allow easy maneuverability
  • Comes equipped with safety glasses and a harness
  • The vibration is lower thus enables comfortable operation
  • Can be used and stored in any position
  • The incorporated loop handle design makes the unit easy to use


  • The string does not work very well
  • Not convenient for extended use because the right arm tends to get hot


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Poulan Pro PR28SD, 17 in. 28cc 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer– Best for use with other relevant attachments

The Poulan Pro PR28SD is a feature-packed 4 Stroke weed eater, and has, therefore, incorporated the string-assist pull cord that has been combined with an easy to use purge bulb; the above enables faster powering of the unit with just a few cord pulls. Line feeding has been made easy, and users will, therefore, just tap the trimmer’s head, on the ground, and automatically initiate line feeding.

Too much air in the carburetor and the fuel system will make starting the trimmer hard and that is why the Poulan Pro has incorporated the Air purge, a feature that is very efficient when it comes to getting rid of air in the system and consequently gives the users an easy time when powering up the trimmer.

The Manufacturers of the Poulan pro have designed the unit for use with other equipment, which means you can use it for other activities apart from grass trimming. Users will, therefore, be able to till, trim and prune their trees among other activities.


  • The machine is versatile
  • The trimmer is easy to assemble
  • Starting the unit is easy thanks to the effortless pull starting option
  • The unit is designed to accept six other optional attachments
  • Features a robust build and is quite sturdy


  • Not convenient for the long run
  • The trimmer is heavy


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Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18″ Gas String Trimmer– Best for use by landscapers and landowners

Sporting a 25cc- 4 cycle engine, the Husqvarna 324L model powers an effective 18-inch trimmer head; the weed eater has been designed to produce minimal noise, and can effectively handle the challenging cutting tasks. The engine is powered with unleaded gas thus users won’t need to mix fuel and oil prior to using.

For enhanced functionality the trimmer is equipped with the air purge primer bulb, the above enables the removal of unwanted air, from the fuel system and the carburetor. The trimmer can be adopted for commercial use given the incorporated heavy duty twin line cutting system that comes complete with the tap and go, necessary for a quick line feed.


  • The smart start feature enables the unit to power up quickly
  • The trimmer cuts through the grass fast
  • The incorporated spool bump works well
  • The trimmer offers value for money
  • Trims well when used on thick and heavy weeds


  • The price is a bit high
  • Getting the engine up and running takes some time


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PowerSmart PS 4531 31cc 4 Stroke Gas String trimmer- Best for use on heavy vegetation

Of all the units that we have discussed Powersmart seems to be having the highest engine capacity with up to 31cc that has obliterated the mixing of oil and gas. The unit is among the budget-friendly options and offers more power at lower RPM. The incorporated 3 teeth blades are highly effective when used on heavy vegetation.

The unique shoulder strap that comes included with the trimmer is a game-changer given that most of the 4 stroke weed eaters don’t have this simple but highly effective feature. The trimmer is versatile and you will, therefore, get the brush cutter and the timmer.


  • Good 4 stroke weed eater for the price
  • The unit is powerful and offers a smooth operation
  • The noise level has been greatly reduced
  • Easy to start
  • Assembly is easy thanks to the incorporated assembly tools
  • The instructions on the manual are easy to understand and use


  • Not durable for the long term
  • Getting the string to the head is hard


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Craftsman WS405 4-Cycle 17-Inch Gas-Powered String Trimmer– Best for extensive trimming

The Craftsman WS405 will let you cut more grass thanks to its 17inch cutting width, and for users, who are into versatile machines, the craftsman is convertible and you can, therefore, change from the bump head to the bonus blades, in a few seconds. With this trimmer, the hard to reach areas will be left clean because the incorporated straight shaft can easily access the hard to reach areas such as under the bush, around the trees, and in the walkways.

Trimmers vibrate a lot when being used, which then leads to early fatigue, the above impacts productivity, but not with the Craftsman WS405 though because the unit features an adjustable handle, which helps in reducing the vibrations, consequently minimizing any chances of the operator getting fatigued.


  • The trimmer is attachment capable
  • The Craftsman trimmer is not noisy
  • The unit obliterates operator fatigue thanks to the multi-position handle
  • Users must not mix oil and gas before using the unit
  • The 17-inch cutting width allows the unit to trim a larger area


  • The build is not sturdy
  • The attachments don’t work very well


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Renewed – Ryobi RY34420 30cc four-cycle Gas Powered Trimmer – Best for the cosmetic lawns

The Renewed Ryobi RY34420 sports a rather traditional look; the build is however sturdy and bulky, so users can expect to deal with some of the weight which could hamper productivity. Ryobi will keep your lawn looking beautiful, and even though traditional the unit has been equipped with a 30cc engine that you can expect to go slow on emissions.

So given that the product is renewed Amazon has thrown its weight around it, with the assurance that it is high performing thanks to the various professional inspections and tests carried on the trimmer.


  • Highly effective
  • Offers value for money
  • Ryobi is a great buy
  • Transparent fuel can ensure timely refill


  • Starting the unit requires extra strength
  • Cuts off mid-operation


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Tips on purchasing a 4 Stroke weed eater

Before we get down to the relevant features that you will be looking out for, you must first know that the 4 stroke weed eaters are usually highly-priced. So be prepared to put your hand deep into your pocket during purchase. Another important maintenance feature is that you will have to carry out some oil changes from time to time, but after some period of use.

Features to look out for,

  • The cutting width – each of the trimmers comes with differently inched swaths, so depending on your preference, you will either settle with a unit that covers a large area in less time or one that takes time and is, therefore, more detailed.
  • Straight Shaft- Trimmers are either feature a straight or a curved shaft, each of which suffices in different applications, for example, the straight shaft works well in areas that are hard to reach while the curved shafts will reach the corners that are hard to navigate. Users will, therefore, settle with either as regards the orientation of their lawns or yards.
  • Price- your budget plays a big role when it comes to picking a reliable trimmer. And for the 4 strokes better believe it when they say that you get what you pay for. So while a cheaply priced unit will be effective, it will miss some of the important features and functionalities. What’s more is that some of them cannot incorporate other attachments thus offer limited operational options.
  • Durability – When it comes to durability it all boils down to application, if you are getting a commercial 4 stroke weed eater ensure to go through the reviews of people who have previously owned the equipment. But for personal use, no need to worry your head, because using the trimmer will be on selected occasions and season.


When it comes to purchasing the 4 stroke weed eaters, it’s never about the money, but the ease of use, quietness, and versatility. Besides some of these units are detachable making them easy to store and carry around because of their lightweight. The 4-stroke trimmers are low on emissions, a feature that makes them quite adaptable because they inadvertently support the green movement.

Apart from preventing high emissions, the units are exceptionally quiet, especially when compared to the 2 strokes. So apart from leaving you with a cosmetic lawn, the weed eater will not wake your neighbors early in the weekend. Lastly, when it comes to power, weed eaters are dependent on four sources of power, and these are gas, electricity, and batteries, of the three it might interest you to know that gas is the most powerful and efficient.

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