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Best 21-inch mulching blade

by Jackson White

When mowing your lawn, you can end up with ugly chunks of cut grass on top of your well-manicured green expanse. Even for someone that wants the grass to return to the soil as a nutrient won’t get much from big chunks of grass. A mulching blade offers the solution to all this.

A good lawnmower is highlighted by its motor power and the cutting ability which is determined by the blade. The blade will also determine how long it’ll take to trim a lawn and the quality of the work done as well as compensate for the lawnmower’s motor power with its sharp edge. Therefore, you can still do a clean job despite your motor’s strength. A mulching blade is also known as a 3-in-1 blade and handles the work effectively and smartly for you. The reason why most people pick a mulching blade over a standard one is because of its cutting edge design that comes with an increased cutting edge. You may notice that it has more curves than a standard blade which leaves your lawn well-manicured and shining.

Best 21-inch Mulching Blade – A Comparison Table

Best 21-inch Mulching Blade
Best For
Check on Amazon
MaxPower 561713XB Mulching 2-Blade Set
Best mulching blade overall
MaxPower 331528B 21-inch Mulching Blade
Value for money
Oregon G3 B0038FBCRE Gator Blades
Most ideal for riding mowers
Toro 59534P Mower Blade
Most ideal Toro replacement blade
Maxpower 331981B Universal Lawn Mower Blade
Best universal mulching blade

Reviews of the best 21-inch Mulching blades

MaxPower 561713XB Mulching 2-Blade Set – Best mulching blade overall

MaxPower 56173XB is the first blade on our list with one of the highest cutting depths among mulching blades. The versatility this product offers with other functionalities provides an unrivaled performance which has given it a lot of reviews. This blade has 2 mulching blades with each having a length of 21 inches giving you a total cutting area of 42 inches which is unmatched by most models. This helps you cut grass quickly and without leaving a trail behind so you don’t have to cover the area again and also don’t leave a trail. It’s because the side-discharge takes care of all the debris leaving your lawn clean. In case of a downpour, you don’t have to worry about grass clumping together as with this blade, it’s all-weather. The blades are made of stainless steel and are star-shaped with a wide range of compatibility for lawn mowers including Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman and you don’t have to change your machine. The design gives your lawn mower more power adding significant mulching power to it. You’ll also like it because the faster cuts produce less noise and you can work for long without disturbing your neighbors.


  • It has a durable look
  • It’s versatile and compatible with several lawn mower models
  • It’s less noisy and has faster cuts


  • It’s slightly heavy
  • It might take longer to start


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MaxPower 331528B 21-inch Mulching Blade – Value for money

This model has built a reputation for being robust and cleaning your lawn quickly despite its similarities with some models on the market. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets since its price is reasonable. The build is strong, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand the demands of lawn mowing daily. You don’t have to look for a compatible lawn mower because the bow-tie center hole design it comes with makes it universal. The blade is lightweight with a weight of 1.6 pounds and has an excellent balance making them capable to be used in most scenarios giving them versatility. The centrifugal airlift design increases airflow and reduces the grass-cutting duration. In wet conditions, the blades give you chopping uniformity without clumping preventing you from going through the same area twice.


  • It’s affordable
  • Durable and well-balanced
  • It can fit on a lot of models
  • Consistency in chopping
  • The centrifugal airlift design


  • It leaves a grass trail


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Oregon G3 B0038FBCRE Gator Blades – Most ideal for riding mowers

Oregon G3 comprises a set of 3 gator mulcher blades for 54 -inch decks and features on the list as the best blade for riding lawnmowers. The blade is 18.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide with steel 20% harder than standard steel which makes it strong, durable, and increases its lifespan. The blade can cut through harsh conditions like walnuts, branches, and even sandy yards without getting damaged. The ¾ – inch lift increases its cutting ability to accelerate your speed. The high-lift design improves its performance significantly while the side-discharge prevents any debris from piling up. This ensures no grass trail is left behind and that you don’t have to go over the same area again saving on resources. Better airflow means that the grass is sucked up instead of being sliced and this provides deep cuts. Like the two models above, it can cut through the grass without clamping in wet conditions. It is versatile and can accommodate a Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, and Craftsman lawnmowers.


  • Versatile and efficient
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Compatible with a lot of 54-inch decks
  • The airflow is better
  • Made in the USA


  • Its slightly heavy
  • The blades are longer
  • Not compatible with Toro lawn mower


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Toro 59534P Mower Blade – Most ideal Toro replacement blade

Toro Recycler Mower blade is meant as a replacement for a wide array of Toro lawn mowers and delivers great performance at a budget-friendly price. Though it’s uniquely suited for the Toro brand, it also can fit on other brands. The blade is made from premium carbon steel strengthened through an austemper treatment process that ensures the blade keeps providing you with quality service for longer. It is 21.68 inches long, 2.25 inches wide and 0.15 inches thick with a jagged edge responsible for cutting efficiency even in the toughest of grasses. The blade is pre-sharpened and comes with a round mount and secure fit that makes it easy to install and use. It’s recommended to use gloves when handling these blades for your safety due to the sharp edges.


  • Easy to install and use
  • It very affordable
  • Uniquely designed for Toro lawn mowers
  • Tough and durable


  • Specifically designed for Toro and may not be ideal for other brands


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Maxpower 331981B Universal Lawn Mower Blade – Best universal mulching blade

You might want a blade that’s universal and compatible with most lawn mowers to avoid buying a new lawnmower alongside your new blade. This MaxPower blade model has an inch center hole that makes it compatible with almost all 21-inch mower brands. And as a result, it’s one of the highly-rated blade replacements that a mower can get. This blade comes with sharpened vertical cutting teeth that guarantee an even fine cut with no need to go through the area another time unless the grass is high. Besides, it also guarantees no clumping if for example you mower in the morning or when it has rained. The blade’s cutting surface is greater for increased mulching which puts both grass-cutting and mulching at 100%. When it comes to the centrifugal airlift design, the blade ensures excellent cutting ability in all conditions including tight spots leaving your lawn looking good. It’s worth noting that the center hole is round and you may need to adjust your star adapter for it to fit properly.


  • Sharper teeth and precise cuts
  • Rust resistant
  • Greater cutting surface
  • Versatile and universal


  • Installation is fairly tricky
  • It doesn’t provide a star adapter
  • The powder coating is thick


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Buying guide for the best 21-inch mulching blade

Buying a 21-inch mulching blade for your lawnmower may look easier than it seems. However, to make the process faster and seamless while avoiding wasting your time and energy, there are factors that you should put into consideration to guarantee you the best buy.

Blade length

This is the first thing to look at in a blade and is a determinant of how compatible and effective the blade is to a lawnmower. A longer blade doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the better option; it has to fit in your mower to be considered the best. Besides, the length will decide how many times you pass through an area when mowing. This saves you time, energy, and even fuel. The longer the blade, the fewer times you will be required to pass through an area. Most blades’ length ranges from 16.75 inches to 22 inches long with most mowers able to handle 21 to 22-inch blades. Check your mower model first and compare it with the blade’s length before buying.

Ease of use

A mulching blade’s main objective is to reduce workload. This can be achieved by a user-friendly design. A blade should allow you to adjust its components and central unit and the functionality should be easy to understand or have a manual for it. The installation and disassembling too shouldn’t be a hassle. Moving it around too shouldn’t be a weight-lifting task.


A blade’s weight will determine how fast you can pick up your more and move it. It’s also a determinant of has quickly one can install or remove the blade from the lawnmower. Mulching blades weigh significantly more than standard blades because they’re thicker and the lift angle design requires more material. Your mower might run slower since a heavier blade is harder to maneuver. Go for a blade with the weight that you can handle.

Cutting ability

Working on a lawn can be energy-draining on you and you need to hasten the pace. A good blade should have sufficient energy to get you through work quickly.


The durability of a mulching blade is important when it comes to costs and you don’t want to keep replacing it frequently due to breakdowns. Mulching blades have higher durability than standard ones since they operate in a variety of conditions, thanks to their sturdy design and thickness which are an asset for riding mowers. The blade should be strong enough to resist any wear and tear in its daily use. What determines the blade’s durability is the material it’s been made of. You can increase a mower’s lifespan by lifting the deck height a bit to avoid problems that come at a cost of having to do lawn mowing more often.

Material used

The material used in a certain blade is key despite the model. Blades are made using different materials including steel and alloy which have undergone an industrial process such as austempering to make them stronger. You can save on costs with a lower quality blade but pay on the grass. Also, consider the blade’s coating to ensure it doesn’t rust. All these factors will make your blade run smoothly and for longer.

Number of pieces in the package

When purchasing a mulching blade, you’ll need to get a kit with the correct number of blades. The number of blades in a set varies with some blades having a piece, others two, three, or even six. Most riding mowers use two to three blades which should be replaced with the matching number of blades for optimum performance. Why can’t I just replace my mower’s blade with fewer blades? The danger is that you won’t realize the benefit of better mulching or airflow and the blade will be slower which can cause turbulence mowing making it less enjoyable for you as the mower. Note that more pieces will cost more and that you should always go for a number that you’re OK with for the best value for money.


This is important too. You may sometimes buy a star-center hole blade and later realize that your mower’s adapter is round which forces you to return the product. A warranty ‘warrants’ your return and replacement of goods without incurring extra charges.

Deck size & Blade width

The size of the deck is usually between 16 and 30 inches with a longer deck being better. The width of the blade too is a factor to consider. It falls between 2.25 inches and 3.5 inches. A very wide blade may damage your mower while a shallow one may not be good at cutting. It’s good to stick to your manual’s recommendations.

Blade holes

This refers to the attaching holes that grab onto the opening. A lot of blades come with a 5-point opening while few have a 6-point point opening. Depending on the mower model and type you’re using, you can pick various kinds of blades with a varying number of holes. Kindly ensure that you check your user manual for this information before buying a blade.

Difference between a mulching blade and a standard blade

You may be wondering how different a mulching blade from a standard blade. Both blades cut the same but mulching blades cut the grass into smaller sizes which can decompose faster. Mulching blades are easier to install and require the right installation only. They’re tougher and ideal for a mower because of their tidiness and toughness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use any lawn mower to mulch?

Any lawnmower can be used for mulching; the difference lies in how fast and efficient it can achieve it. A mower with a standard blade will use more time to cut the grass more while a mulching blade would do it faster and more effectively.

Is side-discharging better than mulching?

Both the mulching and side-discharging lawn mower leave grass blades behind which make none better than the other. A mulching blade chops the grass into finer pieces for them to decompose quickly and don’t clump. With a side-discharge mower, you may have to do mulching on your own.


A mulching blade is great and the most ideal blade for mulching. Its design makes it crucial for chopping up the grass to smaller sizes that can decompose easily and faster despite the weather conditions. Due to this, they are thicker and more durable to guarantee you the best performance without having to worry about their lifespan. When going to purchase a mulching blade for your mower, make sure to read your manual and compare its requirements to the blades to avoid buying a blade that’s incompatible. This will save you time and money.

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