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by Jackson White

Getting the lawn that you have always dreamed of can either be cheap or costly it all depends on you. If you own a big lawn, you could pay for lawn care services, which will cost you about $40,000 max annually for a service that includes pest and weed control. But with a good lawn care program, the costs will be reduced because you will be doing it yourself.

Welcome to Lawn Care Base where we provide insight on matters related to lawn care. Over the years people have normalized building homes with expansive lawns or yards. The pieces of land serve two purposes and are either ornamental or used for active sports, a fact that calls for the planting of different types of grass, since a large variety of the grass species can barely survive high foot traffic, while a few will thrive under the toughest of conditions.

Our mission at Lawn Care Base is to provide comprehensive and relevant information on lawn care, we are well aware that the economy is not at its best and many people are, therefore, struggling to maintain the vibrancy of their lawns. You will, therefore, be provided with information on the best types of grass for different regions and climates, which will help ensure that your lawn remains green throughout the year.

Lawn maintenance involves weed removal, aeration, dethatching, reseeding, mowing, watering, and application of fertilizer that is if you want a healthy lawn. Each of the above processes calls for precision for example when you want to mow your grass what type of mower, do you use, can it achieve the recommended grass cut height without going too low.

And what about the grass clippings, do you want them bagged or returned to the soil as fertilizer, so for as much as you are at liberty to decide what happens to your lawn, it is important that you make the right decisions and that is why we are here. Additionally, there are different types of mowers in the market all of which have been designed to work with particular types of grass, for example, you cannot use a reel mower on dense and tall grass, and neither can you use a driving mower on the short grasses or a small lawn.

Using a mower is included in the lawn maintenance package and the complex thing about it that people struggle with is how to achieve a uniform cut in their lawns. The hard to reach areas such as around the trees and on the edges, demand for a different kind of mowing tool to avoid unnecessary accidents when driving the mower. Lawn Care, therefore, is a complex subject but we have done our best in covering almost all the areas, visit Lawn Care Base for more information.