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A Buying Guide for the Best Echo Trimmer

by Jackson White

Did you know that competition is a catalyst that puts minds to work, yes, it is. And it is the one that brings about innovation and invention. Competition between manufactures then becomes a win-win situation also for the consumers because they are presented with new and better products, while the manufactures make more money in, economic growth also becomes evident.

Echo trimmers are used to maintain a favorable grass height in the lawns, pathways, and fields, and are best suited for the heavy-duty users who are into durability, easy maintenance and want a fast and easy to use a trimmer. So to keep the trimmer industry vibrant with innovations, the Echo trimmers do face fierce competition from Stihl, a company known for producing some good quality chainsaws and trimmers among other machinery.

The echo trimmer is, however, still the best and has raised the competitive bar higher thanks to the varied types of trimmers that it has released into the market, check below.


Engine type
Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.)
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SRM-225 String Trimmer, 21.2CC, 17 In. Cut Width
2 Stroke engine, 21.2cc professional grade
ECHO 2 AH Cordless String Trimmer w
58v motor
Shindaiwa by Echo T3000 (14") 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer
56volt brushless motor
Echo CDST-58VBT 58-Volt 58V Lithium-Ion
58V Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Cordless String Trimmer

SRM-225 String Trimmer, 21.2CC, 17 In. Cut Width – powerful engine good for extended use in large fields

The SRM-225 string trimmer is a piece of highly effective trimming equipment that will furnish you with 17inch dual cutting lines, and unlike the lawnmowers, the trimmer will trim grass and weeds that are up to 3 feet long with no restrictions on the environmental conditions (wet or dry). The incorporated 2 stroke engine will furnish the trimmer with enough power to handle expansive tracts at a shorter time.


  • Driveshaft 4 layer cable
  • Cutting swath 17in
  • Shaft length 59in
  • Dry weight 11.2

Notice the 59” straight shaft, well the length is perfect for maneuverability, and with regards to the size of the grass; you will not necessarily have to bend over before you can trim the grass to the required length. When working under the sun it is very possible that your hands will become moist and you might have problems comfortably handling the trimmer; for the above, the unit has been equipped with a rubber over-molded grip which is tacky and comfortable even on moist hands, meaning that the user will also be able to contend with the vibrational nature of the unit.

The incorporated i-30 starting system has been configured to reduce the effort that users would put in to start the unit by 30%. The unit is pretty easy to maintain, so once it arrives all you have to do is to fuel and get to work because it comes pre-assembled.


  • The quality is so good that it can be used for commercial purposes
  • Offers great fuel efficiency
  • Reduced vibration
  • Light in weight


  • Not convenient for the long haul
  • Needs servicing constantly, and comes with a limited warranty


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ECHO 2 AH Cordless String Trimmer w – can be adjusted to suit the relevant environment

How would you like a trimmer that you can customize to suit the environment that you are working on, well that is the Echo 2 AH cordless string trimmer. This unit has incorporated an adjustable cutting swath that users can adjust to use in different environments.


  • Product dimensions 10.75 x 10.75 x 39.25 inches
  • 1 Lithium-ion batteries required
  • 58 v motor
  • Cordless

The Echo 2AH is a standalone unit powered by a battery that will provide you with extended run time, the incorporated powerful 58v motor allows the unit to work effectively without giving in before the chore is finished. The trimmer is customizable in that users are allowed to adjust the speed levels to suit them; the above option will come in handy for people working with varieties of foliage.

Out of the box, the unit comes with a charger and a battery that is rarely functional, so for as much, it has a powerful motor, it might be in your best interest if you bought a replacement battery which is a headache of its own, one because it is costly and finding the perfect unit is even tougher.


  • The unit is customizable to suit the different trimming environments
  • Good for newbies and professionals given the adjustable speed levels
  • Comes with an adjustable cutting swath which is good for aggressive trimming
  • The rubber-coated grip provides comfort during trimming


  • Replacement battery is quite expensive
  • Short battery life


Well, it’s not every other day that you get a customizable grass trimmer, with varying levels of speeds, thus this Echo trimmer is best for newcomers and professionals alike.

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Shindaiwa by Echo T3000 (14″) 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer -best for use in small lawns

If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your lawn then you can get a simple but effective trimmer to help get the job done in minutes, small lawns will benefit most.


  • Speed feed 400 cutting head
  • Cutting Swath 14” or 12”
  • Works for a solid 22 minutes
  • 12lbs weight

Shindaiwa echo trimmer is not a very common unit and comes with a sizeable amount of cons when compared to pros. The trimmer works for a full 22 minutes, so you might want to ensure that you are done or at least halfway done when the above time elapses. So while you might have escaped from the oil mixing task, there is a very high chance that this unit will go off while working.

Away from the cons and the shindaiwa trimmer has incorporated a powerful 56volt brushless motor necessary for handling the heavy tasks, and when it comes to spool loading, the equipped speed feed 400 cutting head makes the job way easier. And so that you know the manufacturer has full trust in this unit, it has been covered with a 5-year warranty, so what’s stopping you.


  • The trimmer is light in weight thus easy to handle
  • The durable driveshaft is made of solid steel
  • Incorporates a powerful 56volt brushless motor
  • The battery offers solid 22 trim minutes


  • The battery life is short
  • Not convenient for the long term


While Shindaiwa might have incorporated powerful features that will make trimming your lawn a breeze, it is not convenient for heavy work, thanks to the short battery life.

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Echo CDST-58VBT 58-Volt 58V Lithium-Ion trimmer

The Echo CDST-58VBT is a mass of customizable features, but you will have to cater for the extra costs of purchasing a 2.0ah battery and a 58v charger that will not only protect your trimmer but extend its battery life.


  • Cut width 14”- 16”
  • Run time-45 minutes
  • Recharge time 30mins
  • Voltage 58

So once you have your Echo CDST powered and ready to trim, if you push your right hand lower you will notice that there is a speed switch with two functions; which will either add more power to the trimmer or extend the runtime. The above is, however, highly dependent on battery capacity, the 14”-16” adjustable cutting diameter is meant to offer more aggressive cutting more so when handling dense and tall grass.

Reloading the trimmer is as easy as ABC thanks to the dual-line bump head, what’s more, is that power is not set at a fixed speed, instead the unit features a variable speed trigger which gives the user the autonomy to set the speeds that they are comfortable with.


  • Can be used every day
  • Incorporated customizable speed features
  • The cutting diameter is adjustable
  • The equipped motor offers superior power and performance


  • Battery and charger not incorporated
  • Highly-priced given that it doesn’t come with a battery and a charger


The one good thing that would make this trimmer achieve a four-star rating is because it offers users up to 45 minutes run time, which is way above what other battery-powered echo trimmers offer.

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Tips for Choosing The Best Echo Trimmer

Whether you have a home or are planning to buy one, you will not miss the expansive green field that you can landscape and set some space for the flowers and a separate cosmetic green lawn. Well to achieve the above, you will have to invest in a mower or a trimmer. So, what are the qualities of a good trimmer.

Power source – trimmers are either electric or gas-powered and each of these units performs differently, for example, the electric units are quieter than the gas trimmers. Therefore if you want a trimmer that is less noisy get the electric one, but if you don’t mind the noise and want a powerful unit that will carry out the chores faster and handle the tough foliage, then the gas trimmer should suffice.

Electric trimmers come in two forms corded or cordless; the cordless trimmers use batteries and are mobile thus you can move with them anywhere, while the corded units will cover a small trimming area so unless you have a long extension cable or have sockets distributed in your home, trimming a large area would be hectic.

Additionally, the battery-powered electric trimmers could go off in the middle of a session, so be sure that you finish your chores within the run time. Dense grass might also be a bit hard to trim with the electric trimmer, so choose your trimmer in consideration of the type of grass in your lawn. Important to note is that they are also the easiest to start at least when compared to the gas trimmers.

Gas Operated Trimmers

For starters, gas trimmers are big in size and powerful and don’t require too much effort before they can cover a large area and tackle the long grass and weeds without too much effort. The major downside with this type of trimmers is that they are very loud and there is nothing you can do about it because they use combustion engines.

Gas operated trimmers also need some muscle when working because they are highly vibrational and will have you shake a lot, more energy will also be required to have the equipment up and running. Gas trimmers seem like they have more cons than pros, as you will also be treated to a dose of gas fuel emissions that can make you light-headed.

Type of shaft

Before you actually take a trimmer home, you will be thinking that any shaft is okay until you start using it and realize how uncomfortable you become when using certain kinds of shafts. The trimmers, therefore, come with two kinds of shafts either the curved or the straight shaft. If you, therefore, decide to go with the curved shaft, you will be able to better maneuver the hard to reach areas.

Curved shafts are easy to use when working for longer periods but are also best for short people. We then have the straight shaft, the latter are longer and you can use them to trim larger areas in less time and without having to move too much. And for people who have back problems, they can work for longer hours without causing strain on their backs.

Straight shaft trimmers are comfortable to use because they are less vibrational thanks to the motor, which offers more torque.

Final thought

As you comb the market for the perfect trimmer, ensure that you consider all the comfort and operation features, from the batteries to the chargers and the shaft. Remember that not all trimmers are sold with their batteries and chargers intact, some come without giving you another problem of looking for an appropriate battery and charger. Also, look out for comfort some trimmers can attach to the body which then makes trimming effortless.

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